Recycling for a Better Life

Resource recoveryMaximizing the extraction of valuable materials from waste to reuse and recycle
Waste ReductionMinimizing the generation of waste by promoting reuse of resources
Harmlessness TreatmentEmploying processes to convert hazardous waste into safe materials

How are Beston Machinery applied into various industries?

With a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, Beston Group aims to empower businesses across various industries to achieve green transformation and sustainable development while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Plastic Recycling Industry

Beston offers a comprehensive solution for plastic recycling, helping achieving resource recovery and waste minimization. This approach addresses a wide array of plastic waste issues, including household plastic, paper mill plastic residues, waste cable sheathing, discarded circuit boards, and remnants from plastic processing factories.

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Oil Sludge Recycling Industry

Beston provides a holistic solution for oil sludge recycling, aimed at achieving resource recovery, minimizing waste, and ensuring harmless treatment. This strategy effectively tackles various types of sludge, such as oily sludge, oil-based cuttings, and coal tar residue.

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Tire Recycling Industry

Beston offers an innovative solution for scrap tires recycling, focusing on resource recovery and minimizing waste. This solution not only tackles the challenge of scrap tire disposal but also promotes sustainability and environmental protection.

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Coconut Shells Recycling Industry

Beston offers innovative solutions for recycling food processing biomass into valuable resources like biochar, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. The technology transforms coconut shell, fruit shell or sugarcane bagasse through carbonization, enhancing soil health and providing alternative energy sources. This eco-friendly approach supports the circular economy, mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, and presents economic opportunities for businesses in the food processing industry.

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Wood Recycling Industry

Beston specializes in offering green disposal solutions for the wood waste recycling industry through its innovative carbonization technology. The machinery is designed to transform wood waste, including sawdust, wood chips, and offcuts, into valuable charcoal through a process known as pyrolysis or carbonization. This high-temperature, oxygen-limited process not only effectively reduces the volume of wood waste but also converts it into a commercially viable product – biochar.

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Agricultural Waste Recycling Industry

Beston offers eco-friendly carbonization technology for the agricultural waste recycling industry, turning agricultural waste into high-value charcoal, such as rice husk, corn stalk, straw and elephant grass. This transformation not only helps in managing agricultural waste but also produces a sustainable product with applications in energy production, soil enhancement, and even as a natural filter.

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Palm Waste Recycling Industry

Beston delivers green carbonization/pyrolysis technology and charcoal machines specifically designed for the palm waste recycling industry, which transforms palm kernel shells (PKS) and empty fruit bunches (EFB) into valuable charcoal, leveraging high-temperature pyrolysis in an eco-friendly process. It is a sustainable method to manage palm waste but also generates a profitable by-product for various uses, including energy generation and soil amendment.

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Metal Smelting Industry

Beston provides an one-stop solution for metal smelting industry. Biochar, a renewable energy source derived from organic biomass waste, is gaining traction in the metal smelting industry as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Its implementation not only supports sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also enhances energy efficiency during the smelting process.

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Tableware & Industrial Packaging Industry

Pulp molding tableware, crafted from recycled pulpboard and agricultural waste, offers a sustainable alternative in the tableware and industrial packaging industry. Biodegradable and compostable, these products reduce reliance on plastics, aligning with eco-friendly practices while meeting the demand for durable and versatile packaging solutions.

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Breeding & Agricultural Packaging Industry

Egg tray machines play a crucial role in the breeding and agricultural packaging industry by efficiently producing high-quality, biodegradable egg trays from recycled paper. These machines support sustainable practices by minimizing waste and promoting the use of renewable resources. The trays provide secure transportation and storage for eggs, reducing breakage and loss, thereby enhancing profitability and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

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