Pulp molding tableware machine is an innovative solution designed to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable disposable tableware. This machine utilizes pulpboard and biomass waste, including wood chips, bamboo, sugarcane bagasse or other fibrous material, as its primary raw material. Through a series of processes involving pulping, screening, mixing, and molding, it transforms these materials into high-quality, biodegradable tableware products such as plates, bowls, cups, and trays.

Customized Tableware Production

Beston provides customized mold design service, which can produce different types of disposable and biodegradable tableware, adapting to different foods and products, such as plates, bowls, cup lids and so on.

food bowls    /    food plates    /    food trays    /    food containers    /    tableware sets    /    fruit trays    /    cups lids

Application Scenario of Pulp Tableware

As an emerging green and eco-friendly machine, pulp molding tablelware machines are not only suitable for catering, food, electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical parts, industrial instruments and other fields, but also for arts and crafts, glass, ceramics, toys, medicine, decoration and other industries.

Food Service Industry
Takeaway and Delivery Services
Hotels and Event Venues
Educational Institutions and Corporate
Retail Channels
Events and Exhibitions
Online Sales

Raw Materials to Make Tableware

Pulpboard is a thicker cardboard made from pulp.
Pulp is chemically or mechanically processed from fibrous material derived from natural cellulose.
Fibrous biomass:
Wood chips
Sugarcane bagasse
NOTE: The standard raw material requirement for the pulp molding tableware machine is pulpboard. If the raw material is fibrous biomass, a front-end pretreatment plan must be provided.

Types of Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

Pulp molding tableware machines are mainly divided into semi-automatic tableware machine and fully automatic tableware machine. Here are the differences between both devices:

Semi-automatic Tableware Machine
Layout: reciprocating forming machine in the middle + two hot press machines on both sides;
The mechanical structure is simple and easy to operate;
The degree of automation is rather low. The manual transfer of paper molding tableware products is needed.
Fully Automatic Tableware Machine
Add a multi-joint manipulator and trimming machine to the equipment;
The forming system adopts a slurry suction design;
The operation process is fully automatic until the trimming process is completed, and the products are collected manually.

Layout Design – See Production Site Visually

Before manufacturing, Beston Group would confirm the site layout with you. From pulp making to tableware packaging, we provides standard configuration. Here, you can see the 3D layout design.

Advantages of Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

High Efficiency & Automation

  • Self-developed control program – strictly control the time
  • Multi-joint manipulator – Quick to transfer tableware;
  • Fully automatic intelligent system

Stability and Durability

  • Carbon steel material – high strength, corrosion resistance, high weight bearing
  • Welding and annealing processing- greater stability and durability

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • One step hot press and forming;
  • Easy to change molds;
  • Open type for easy maintenance;

High Quality End Product

  • Fiber recycling system to increase finished product rate;
  • High-pressure water cleaning system to improve the qualification rate of finished products;

Energy-saving Design

  • Energy-saving frequency conversion control system
  • New thermal insulation material – Save heat loss and energy consumption
  • Pulp water can be used many times;

Automatic Pulping Control System

  • Automatic intelligent control of pulping process
  • IOT remote control

Superiority of Mold


    professional design capability

  • Customized mold

    meet your specific demand

  • High precision

    make standard size tableware

  • Aluminium Sheet 6061

    durability and longer lifetime

Working Process of Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

Paper tableware making machine uses specific molds to process the pulpboard into the proposed structural shape. Next, the products are finished and processed to make tableware products. It mainly includes dinner plates, dinner bowls, cup lids, lunch boxes, etc.

Pulpboards or pretreated biomass fibers enter the pulper and refiner for crushing and grinding to refine;
When the ground slurry enters the homogenizer tank, it is uniformly mixed with the waterproof and oil-proof agent. After the pulp is adjusted to a suitable concentration, it is pumped into the forming system;
The treated pulp is processed in a forming machine. According to different mold shapes, various tableware products with different needs can be made;
After the formed product evaporates excess water through the drying system, it is shaped into a finished product;
The water in the forming process of tableware is recovered by the vacuum pump and vacuum tank for secondary use;
Trimming the shaped pulp molded products by trimming machine to make the appearance of the finished product more exquisite;
After edge trimming, the finished tableware enters the disinfection machine for sterilization to ensure the safety of the product;
Use the baler to pack the finished products, which is convenient for delivery and transportation.

Honor and Patent Certificates

High ROI of Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

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