Be a global leader in resource regeneration!



Beston Group Co.,Ltd. is the Environmental Protection Division of Henan Golee Holding Group, responsible for the pro-motion of resource regeneration solutions, equipment manufacturing and project implementation in the global market.

Founded in 2013, Beston Group has always insisted on providing customers with integrated solid waste recycling solu- tions,including waste plastic/tyre/rubber recycling, oil sludge recycling, biomass recycling, waste paper recycling, etc. to help countless clients succeed.



    Beston Group is committed to being a global leader in resource regeneration. To this end, we have established R&D bases with many universities in China. Cur- rently we have more than 20 senior R&D engineers.

    Besides the traditional pyrolysis, carbonization and pulp molding fields, we had many patented technologjes and innovative design. We also have made break- throughs in the following areas:

    1.Small mobile carbonization/pyrolysis unit to meet the needs of customers for solid waste treatment in different cities and scenarios;
    2.Fully continuous pyrolysis equipment to meet the needs of customer for mass production, reducing labor and high-standard environmental protection emis-sions;
    3.Wax removal device to solve the problem of clogging pipelines with wax oill produced in the process of plastic pyrolysis, and improve the equipment pro- duction efficiency as well as oil quality.

    In the future, our R&D team will continue to develop in this filed and launch more innovative products, which of course can not do without the support of our global customers.


    At present, the main products developed and sold by Beston are waste plas tic/tire pyrolysis plants, oil sludge thermal desorption unit, biomass/sewage sludge carbonization equipment, plup molding equipment, MSW soring equip ment, etc. All the products are mainly used in MSW processing, waste plas- tic/tire/paper recycling, oil field pollutant treatment, urban sludge treatment and other industries. The generated fuel oil/biochar/paper trays can be used as high-value products for secondary sales. In this way, investors can obtain high returns while solving increasingly prominent environmental problems.

    With the energy problems caused by the rising international oil/gas prices, and the world’s increasing attention to the carbon monoxide emissions, we have reasons to believe that the products we develop and produce will be used all over the world in the next few decades.


    With the changing in the market and customers’ demands, Beston has gradual- ly transformed from a single original equipment supplier to an integrated solu- tion provider. In recent years, we have successfully designed the 12000TPDwaste agricultural with coal blending power generation solution, 400TPD MSW harmless treatment solution, 100TPD waste tire recycling and refining solution,120TPD hookah charcoal production solution, etc.

    In the design of integrated solutions, we can provide project feasibility analy- sis, equipment selection and construction, logistics delivery, layout design, in- stallation and operation, management training an other services, really pro- viding customers with one-stop solutions to ensure the customer success



In 2013, created the BESTON GROUP international promotion brand;


In 2014, the first oil sludge pyrolysis plant in Nigeria was completed and officially entered the African market;

In 2014, the first waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Brazil was completed and officially entered the South American market;


In 2015, Henan Beigong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established; Beston Group has realized the integrated transformation of industry and trade;

In 2015, the branch in Novosibirsk, Russia was established (joint venture);


In 2016, the branch in the Philippines was established;

In 2016, Beston has expanded business in Spain and other European and North American markets, and increased sales in the global market;

In 2016, the branch in Pakistan was established to start the operation of overseas warehouse projects;


In 2017, the domestic waste resource regeneration project was completed in 7 cities of Uzbekistan, and the branch in Tashkent was established to deploy the Central Asian market;


In 2018, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant was completed in Romania, and the branch company (joint venture) was established in Romania;


In 2019, the process-based organizational changed, to create an “iron triangle” marketing team to better serve our users;


In 2020, we will fully resume work in the fight against the epidemic, and improve the online marketing and online after-sales service system;


In 2021, Informatization Management Upgrade, for internal management and customer‘s enterprise management, and realizing the strategic plan of common development with customers through the amplification and transmission of product and service value;

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Projects Network

Besides mainland China,Beston Group has exported products to more than 100 countries and regions across the 6 continents all over the world,including Asia, Europe, North America, South Amert- ca,Africa and Oceania.

In order to promote the pre-positioning of cross-bordere-com- merce and the localization of overseas customer services, Beston Group has now set up overseas brapches and offices in 5 coun- tries to continuously meet overseas customers’ diversified needs, to provide customers with the best solutions and successful bus- ness programs.

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  • Solutions Provided

    Provide solutions, layout drawings, customized designs, technical and financial proposal preparation, and market analysis;

  • Installation and Commissioning

    Provide installation, commissioning training and tracking service; inde- pendent professional after-sales department to serve you from the beginning to the end;

  • Warranty

    All the products from Beston Group have I year warranty since clients sign the act of acceptance; all the products support third-party in- spection;

  • Samples Testing

    Beston Groupprovides the service to test the samples from clients, issue testing reports to help clients analyze the project;

  • Spare Parts Supply

    All the spares of the equipment can be purchased from Beston Group at cost;

  • Technology Upgrading

    Life time technical support, technol- ogy upgrading from R&D depart- ment;

  • Online service

    24 24 hours on-line service;

  • EIA Guidance

    Beston Group has,the ability to guide and help the clients to get EIA approved.


Recycling for Better Life

Beston Group is a forward-looking company that was born in a time of change and now looks for any opportunity in those changes that will lead the way to the future.

We are committed to producing environmentally friendly equipment that improves the environment in a profitable way and helps our customers succeed, to practice our slogan “recycling for better life”

The efforts on upgrading skid-mounted and continuous models make Beston stand out in today’s digital world and are also parts of sustainable solutions.