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Are you struggling with tyre or plastic recycling? Are you looking for an optimal solution which meets your own needs? Beston will be your reliable partner.

Beston, one of the leading pyrolysis machine manufactures in China, focuses on waste tyre and plastic recycling project and pyrolysis equipment selling. So far, Beston has exported products to 100+ countries and reached 1000+ global cases, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Croatia, Kenya, Australia, Mexico, Iraq, etc. We aim to provide our customer an optimal solution with popular composite cost (labor, material, installation, and operation expense) and best performance effect.

Installation Site of BLJ-10 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Mexico

Delivery time: 2023.07

Location: Mexico

Product model: BLJ-10

Raw material: waste tyre

Installation method:

online installation guidance

End product:

fuel oil for sale

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