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Beston charcoal making machine is also called biomass carbonization equipment. The equipment uses agricultural and forestry wastes, sludge, garbage, and other biomass materials as raw materials. After dry distillation and pyrolysis, the carbon and hydrogen elements in the raw materials can be converted into combustible gases, and charcoal and by-products (wood vinegar, and tar) are produced simultaneously. For more information and the price about the charcoal making machine, please contact us directly.

What are the Raw Materials of the Carbonization Equipment?

  1. Biomass shells: Coffee husk, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, rice husks, sawdust, wood, plant stalks…
  2. Sludge: Municipal sludge, River sludge, Domestic sludge…
  3. Waste: Domestic waste, Industrial waste, Electronic waste…


What End Products Can Carbonization Equipment Produce?

After high-temperature pyrolysis, the main final product we get is artificial carbon with a fixed high carbon content (about 90%). Compared with ordinary coal, its carbon content is about twice that. In addition, tar, wood vinegar and combustible gas can also be obtained during the carbonization process.


Wood Vinegar


Combustible Gas

High ROI of the Beston Charcoal Plant

Charcoal manufacturing is a sunrise industry. More and more people are now investing in this industry and establishing their own charcoal plants by purchasing charcoal making machines. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of biomass charcoal making machines, Beston can provide the best solution for your charcoal manufacturing business. Here is the economic analysis of the  Beston BST-10 sawdust charcoal making machine.

Land for machine 20m*12m*6m
Daily running cost
Item Cost per unit Total
Material 24t sawdust 80USD 1920USD
Fuel 50m³natural gas 0.45USD 22.5USD
Water 1.5t water 0.6USD 0.9USD
Power 35kw 0.09USD 3.15USD
Labors 5 workers 30USD 150USD
Maintenance 10USD 20USD
Depreciation 10USD 20USD
Tax Free from tax for environmental protection project 0
Other expenses 10USD
Total cost 2146.55USD
Daily gross profit
Charcoal (BBQ) 8t/d 680USD 5440USD
Tar 0.2t/d
Wood vinegar 0.5t/d
Total gross profit 5440USD
Pure profit
Daily profit: 5440-2146.55 3293.45USD
Monthly (25 working days) 82336.25USD
Annual (10 months) 823362.5USD

Note: The data is from the Chinese market For your reference, please contact us for more details

Successful Cases of BESTON Charcoal Making Machine

Beston specializes in the development and manufacturing of continuous carbonization machines. The equipment has been successfully exported to 45 countries including Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, Ukraine, Ghana, etc. The equipment is running well and has significant economic benefits and is well received by customers. Here are some successful cases. If you want to know more, please click here to contact us!

Beston BST-10 Cocunut Charcaol Making Machine Was Shipped To Azerbaijan

Beston Charcoal Making Machinecharcoal-making-machine-instruction

The customer visited the Beston factory before the epidemic, strictly inspected our carbonization machines and compared our products with those of other companies, and finally decided to purchase Beston carbonization machines. Now he has made huge profits.
Beston BST-30 Sawdust Charcaol Making Machine was Installed in Ghana


The customer wanted to dispose of his sawdust and found the Beston carbonization equipment on Google. After leaving his detailed requirements on the Beston website, our sales staff quickly contacted him and customized a private plan. As a result, he has turned waste into treasure.
More Cases


Hot Selling Charcoal Making Machine Types & Their Parameters

Most Beston charcoal machines are fully-continuous type. They have a capacity of 300~5000 kg per hour to fully satisfy your needs. Below we have listed 4 popular carbonization equipment models, including their specific parameters. Also, we have batch-type charcoal making machines. If you want to know more about them, please contact us immediately.

charcaol machine-3
BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine

Reactor Size: Φ820mm

Output: 0.3-0.5 tonne/h

Enegy Consumption: 45kw/h

Dimensions: 28m*10m*6m

Weight: 28 tonne


BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine

Reactor Size: Φ1000mm

Output: 0.8-1 tonne/h

Enegy Consumption: 65kw/h

Dimensions: 33m*13m*7m

Weight: 35 tonne


charcoal machine-2
BST-30 Charcoal Making Machine

Reactor Size: Φ1300mm

Output: 2.5-3 tonne/h

Enegy Consumption: 90kw/h

Dimensions: 40m*15m*8m

Weight: 45 tonne


charcoal machine-1
BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine

Reactor Size: Φ1700mm

Output: 4.5-5 tonne/h

Enegy Consumption: 125kw/h

Dimensions: 50m*16m*10m

Weight: 54 tonne



    • The processing capacity of the above hot-selling models is based on the rice husk material. Different raw materials have different capacities.
    • The above parameters are related to the configuration of the carbonization machine (we can customize the scheme)
    • All the above are full continuous charcoal making machines (synchronous feeding and discharging)
    • Heating materials: charcoal, wood, diesel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass, etc.
    • Working pressure: slight negative pressure
    • Service life: 5-8 years

Working Process of Charcoal Making Machine

charcoal making machine production process

1. Introduction of the Carbonization Process
The material passes through the belt conveyor → enters the drying furnace for drying → after drying, enters the inner tank of the anaerobic carbonization machine (medium temperature zone) through the belt conveyor → falls into the high-temperature zone (outer tank), and starts “high-temperature pyrolysis, flue gas volatilization, sulfur release, and carbon enrichment” → confidential closed discharge charcoal through three-stage water-cooled discharge
2.Introduction of the Flue Gas (Combustible Gas) Treatment Process
A large amount of flue gas (combustible gas) is produced in the carbonization process → piped to the first-stage cyclone dust collector for dust removal → the flue gas after purification is converted into the combustible flue gas and then introduced into the auxiliary furnace as the heat source (An automatic igniter is provided at the ignition place of combustible flue gas)→ The subsequent exhaust gas will be removed by a cyclone dust collector → then discharged through the tail gas collector
3. Production Process of the Carbonization Machine
The anaerobic carbonization machine started continuous roller production. Initially, it can be heated by heat sources such as coal, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas. When the temperature of the carbonization machine reaches the carbonization temperature, the feed is started. It is continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The combustible flue gas produced during the carbonization process will be used as fuel for the main furnace attached to the carbonization main engine to heat the main furnace, thereby reducing the use of fuel for the main furnace.
4. About By-products such as Tar and Wood Vinegar
After the above-mentioned reactions, the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen elements in the raw materials are converted into mixed combustible gases such as hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, etc. These reactions do not have very obvious stages, and many reactions are carried out crosswise. After purification, the combustible gas is transported to the burner through the pipeline to heat the carbonization furnace, and at the same time separate by-products such as tar and wood vinegar. The whole production process has no pollution smoke emission, which is extremely environmentally friendly and meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Beston Charcoal Making Machine in the Factory

Here our professional salesman Fredo Wang will introduce one type of Carbonization plant in the Beston factory to you. The raw materials they are using are saw-dust and wood pellets. And the capacity of which is 1 ton/h by input and 300kg/h output of charcoal. If you want to know more, please click here to contact us!

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Once payment has been made, Beston will provide you with full tracking service for the charcoal making machine, as well as installation, commissioning, and staff training once the product is on the ground


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If you encounter any problems with your egg tray machine during operation, you can call or email us immediately. Beston offers 24/7 online technical support for all customers.

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Provide 1-year after-sales service free of charge. During this period, Beston will provide you with free maintenance services and free replacement of unqualified parts

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