In order to meet the requirements of sulfur content and ash content, the metal smelting industry utilizes biochar to replace traditional fuels such as coke and coal to realize green development. Therefore, Beston provides equipment & technical support for biochar production.

Biochar Applications in Metal Smelting

Biochar Machine adopts high-temperature carbonization technology, primarily used to process organic materials such as biomass and agricultural and forestry waste to biochar, tar, wood vinegar and syn gas in an oxygen-deficient or low-oxygen environment. Biochar is mainly obtained by pyrolysis from biomass. It has a high carbon content of more than 75 %, emerged as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative in the metal smelting industry.

High-Temperature Reductant

High-Temperature Reductant: Biochar serves as an excellent high-temperature reductant. Our machine can adjust the temperature and reaction time to increase fixed carbon content of biochar. Therefore, we can provide customized solutions based on raw materials and requirements for biochar.

Item Granularity Moisture Fixed Carbon Fe Ti Ash
Quality Standard ≥5mm ≤40.0% ≥75.0% ≤0.12% ≤0.015% ≤6.0%



Energy Substitute

The metal smelting process typically demands a substantial amount of energy. Biochar, with its high calorific value and stable combustion characteristics, serves as an alternative fuel for smelting, replacing traditional fossil fuels. This not only reduces dependence on non-renewable resources but also contributes to lowering carbon emissions.

Furnace Additive

The slag produced during the metal smelting process typically contains pollutants such as organic compounds and heavy metals. Biochar can serve as a furnace additive, improving the physical and chemical properties of the slag, enhancing its stability and resistance to wind erosion.


Benefits for the Metal Smelting Industry

Through these innovative applications, biochar brings various economic and environmental benefits to the metal smelting industry, driving it towards a more environmentally sustainable development path.

Energy Efficiency

Biochar machine utilizes biomass materials to produce biochar used as an alternative energy source, which reduces the energy expenses of businesses and helps decrease dependence on non-renewable resources.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Charcoal production equipment, using biomass as fuel, generates relatively fewer carbon dioxide, which is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental protection.

Technological Innovation

Modern biochar machine adopts advanced control systems that can precisely regulate temperature and processing procedures, ensuring the production of biochar meets high standards.

Sustainable Development

Introducing biochar machine not only helps metal smelting enterprises save costs in the short term but is also a strategic investment in sustainable development.

Catalog of Beston Biochar Machine

Introduction Video about Biochar Machine

Click on the video below to walk through the factory for more details on the biochar production equipment.

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