Project Report-Household Garbage Sorting

The garbage is resource but put in the wrong place, and it is a big problem troubled countries all over the world. Nowadays, the peak of China’s urbanization makes processing of municipal solid waste more seriously. City is ours. In other words, the city’s health relies on ours maintaining.

Household garbage does harm to environment

Firstly, occupied surface of ground. It occupies precious land resource and human beings living space. And make bad effect on the development of industry and agriculture. A large number of garbage destroy vegetation on the surface of the Earth. This not only influences the beauty of natural environment but also destroys the ecological balance of nature;

Secondly, polluted the environment. Solid waste contains all sorts of poisonous substances. If not be handled properly, it can direct pollute soil, air and water resources. Ultimately, it causes seriously damage to various creatures, including humans;

project analysis 01

Thirdly, spreading diseases. Garbage contains a lot of microorganisms. It is the habitat of bacteria, viruses, insects, etc and brings seriously endangers to human health;

Fourthly, leachate of garbage can change soil composition and structure. Hazardous waste harms human health through food chain. Waste destroys soil structure and physico-chemical properties, and decreases the soil fertility and water retention ability.Waste contains heavy and poisonous metals such as pathogenic microorganisms and organic pollutants. Under the rain, these poisons will be brought into water body. Polluted water will be harmful to the survival of aquatic organisms and the opening of water resources;

Fifthly, fine particles with the wind make the air pollution more severely. A large amount of air storage sites give off poisonous gases, rat-infested, mosquito breeding. Let’s just say the more than 100 kinds of volatile organic gases lead to cancer;

Sixthly, smoke-dust pollution. Because of the importance and high content of the carbon atoms, in the process of combustion, polymers become small carbon black. After combustion, garbage will produce smoke-dust which is made of carbon black. With the upward motion of air during the combustion process, smoke-dust spread into the air and eventually fall to the ground;

In major cities and county-level cities, with the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s standard of living, solid waste has been keeping sustainable growth, and the composition of solid waste has taken place great changes. Bio-organic municipal waste is more than 40%. Recycling of resource materials has reached about 40%, just like paper, plastic, glass, metal, and so on. Landfill is harmful to urbanite water and air, even lead to secondary pollution. In order to keep adaptation of municipal solid waste incinerator, bio-treatment, and sanitary landfill, therefore, our company develops a set of solid waste sorting equipment, which improves the treatment of garbage disposal. It is helpful to waste classification treatment. Some made into nutritional soil as fertilizers for plants and trees. Sorted out plastic can be reused to make plastic granules. Paper can be reused to make pulp and make paper; Glass and iron can be reused, too. This technology not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also be recycled. So that garbage is really a treasure. It is national welfare.

project analysis
Based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, after doing a lot of investigation and research work, Beston (Henan) machinery Co., Ltd. makes up program about technology of waste sorting equipment and also develop better suited the situation of china. After garbage compression and transfer, we can take bulky waste crushing, classification of garbage sorting and recycling packaging and other supportive measures. Bulky waste can be through bulky waste crushers, sorting, sorted, and further resource pack, such as furniture and electric appliance.

Waste sorting equipment is the mechanical integration of high technology product with first-class design, manufacturing processes, perfect configuration and reliable performance. In addition, the using of the first domestic garbage sorting lines and garbage compactors and docking technology, makes RTS (refuse transfer station) realize waste collection, sorting, compression, and integrated operations of the mode of transport. So the equipment improves waste recovery and utilization of resources and increases the economic, environmental and social benefits of RTS to meet the social needs of waste resource recovery and recycling economy and sustainable scientific development.

Waste treatment is necessary for our generation. With the social development society, differences between urban and rural are getting smaller. The amount of household waste is growing. So the garbage disposal becomes a major issue we have to face in the future. The experts at home and abroad put forward many ideas, like landfill,trash-burning power. If we look at the problem from different perspectives, these measures has many disadvantages.

project analysis 02

Landfill: through longer oxidation, the garbage will decompose toxic substances and carcinogens. These will not only make badly significant performance on earth and atmosphere but also have side effects on our future generations.

Trash-burning power: Although it belongs to recycling, its emission brings sever pollution to atmosphere. Moreover, slag maybe lead to secondary pollution or more.’

Technical Parameters

1. Technical specification and main principles

Material: urban garbage.

Capacity: 400t/d, single running line for 12 hours per day.

Feeding style: batch loading by shovel loader.

Power consumption: 277.9KW.

Raw materialUrban garbage
Power 224.7KW263KW279KW294KW

Applications of Final Products:

NO.End productsProductivity     Usage
1plastic film12%1.Turn to plastic particles to reuse
2. Pyrolysis to oil
2paper5%Make pulp to produce new paper
3metal5%Smelt new metal
4glass3%Recovery for reusing
5battery,textile,bulk garbage etc5%Recovery
6biomass:straw,shell,faeces,food residue etc70%Biomass carbonization for charcoal

2. Basic requirements:

Firstly, reasonable structure and configuration, with high level automatic operation, to reduce labor intensity;

Secondly, smoothly conveying system, feeding evenly without jam; Reasonable connecting style for every transition point, without material release or accumulation;

Thirdly, shot blasting for every part, meeting sa2.5 level in GB8923; and painted with high-performance anticorrosive paint in request period, to ensure 7 years serving life in harsh operation environment;

Fourthly, nonloaded part cleaner, beginning part cleaner, rotary screener cleaner and ending part tensioning device are equipped for all belt conveyers;

Fifthly, high level wearability, anticorrosive are request on every belt conveyer. To ensure safety operation, manual cord switch and crash-stop devises are equipped on every conveyer; Auto deviation rectifying and tensioning, conveyers owning more than 2 years serving life. (Supplied by Huaxia Qingdao);

Sixthly, every parts of the system is equipped with manual auto switcher and crash-stop device, locates in easy operation position, to avoid error starting or electrocution;

Seventhly, automatic control during operation, using programmable controller (PLC supplied from DELTA Taiwan). Collecting signal from every sensor and convey them into output control contactor and intermediate relay to control three-phase power equipment. Input and output changes on operation/stop/breakdown will be presented directly;

Eightly, costumer’s operation, maintenance and repair are considered adequately during machinery design and manufacture.

Description on Operation Flow Chart

This process system feeding way is by forklift will rubbish into the rubbish bin, by receiving hopper bottom plate conveyor jiang is expected to take away, balanced by ejecting device sending material layer dial evenly after the first belt conveyor, through the manual sorting platform, picked out by artificial to big ones, at the same time through strong magnetic magnetic separation, black metal picked out, again by broken drum screen, classification of garbage into the garbage and < 90 mm and 90 mm or more (plug hole size according to the reality of garbage) on the screen, undersize material as raw materials for the system of fat (or landfill) output. ≥90mm sieve material through the sieve material transport conveyor into other devices (or packed storage).

project analysis 03

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A Feasibility Study Report -Waste Carbonization Plant

Waste Incineration is the promising project in China nowadays, while the governments and civilians are still very lack of the sense of waste classification. The low discharge standard of the incineration factory, the benefits relations between the project owner and governments caused many questions and suspicions by the civilians.

In Japan, the forerunner country of waste incineration, it is the waste classification movements of normal civilians that worth us to learn more. The big cities in China is promoting for the waste incineration project to solve the problem of too many waste surrounded the city.


The incineration factory is lack of proper managements about the projects location and running, caused many questions and suspicions by the civilians. If the wet and day garbage not been classified, the inadequate combustion will produce toxic gases of dioxin, also produce the toxic waste. In China, most garbage burnt by the incineration factory is original mixing garbage, so it’s easy to produce mass dioxin gases.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang industry are more developed, producing a large amount of industrial sludge,the existing treatment facilities and units can not meet the growing demand for disposal. At the same time, due to lack of appropriate technology, many sludge which has a certain value in use is difficult to be effective use.

Random dumping of industrial sludge, landfill caused great harm. But if for different types of sludge for laboratory analysis,will find that most of the sludge contain valuable material.” Huang Danxi told reporters that he has so far for many industrial dozens of sludge generated by the industry laboratory analysis conducted for different sludge, developed a corresponding processing technology, most are successfully achieved utilization and safe disposal of industrial sludge.

Put the pile of dry industrial sludge into a device, ignite, burning, melting, after a raging fire, leaving the furnace-like molten magma body; the melt spilled from both high and low outlet, place some time, the red “lava” black slag cooling into two parties block, one for heavy piece of metal, one for a lighter oxide residue. this is just a successful new pilot technology to extract price different metals by treatment and disposal of heavy metals in industrial sludge, although the high cost of treatment, while the obvious environmental benefits


Non-heavy metal black metal pickling sludge contains about 40% iron oxide,” For example, he said, after adding alkali neutralization, dehydration, after drying, can be used as raw material for cement production with iron oxide powder, sold directly to Cement plant. Dyeing sludge also contains a certain amount of iron, can be processed to extract a considerable proportion of iron oxide powder, can be used as additives material for cement production and raw materials of ironworks production .
For electroplating sludge containing heavy metals, you can use the just success of this technology in the test equipment, recover the various metals and heavy metals.

High iron content of the sludge, the treated part of the slag can be a made as the raw materials of cement additives production, metal reduzate objects can be directly used as the lift counter weight.” Huang Danxi carrying a heavy gray iron said that Mineralization of slag can produce baking-free brick, flue gas recovery of high purity metal can be directly sold. Since the high temperature’s melt, a small amount of hazardous heavy metal oxide material has restored to solidified metal , will have no impact on the external environment. It is understood that this equipment was developed by Beston Machinery Co,.Ltd that can handle heavy metal sludge type of solid waste, used batteries, black metal pickling sludge (free of heavy metals), etc., and recycled copper, iron, nickel, chromium and other metals, zinc and other low melting point metals can be recycled from the flue gas.

General Remarks About Waste Carbonization Furnace
the strong market demands since 2010, we designed this new continuous carbonizing equipments. The design is based on our customers’ advices; our experience of flash steaming dryer, stuffy tank carbonized oven, open carbonized oven and other carbonizing equipments; combining research of engineers from Zhengzhou machinery institute on saw dust, rice hull, grass, fruit shell or peel, straw, biogas residue.

General Introduction of The Equipment
This machine adopts the design of double layer and multi passage. It is mainly composed of drier, carbonizing machine and other auxiliary equipments. Among these parts, there are other parts like driving, rack, drying, flash steaming, carbonizing, feeding, discharging, cooling, exhaust gas recycling, wet dust catcher, gasification furnace and related pipes. We can equip the machine with chasis if customer needs it (customer-made parts).

Double-layer design make the lower part of the machine contact the hot air as much as possible, this design is helpful to raise the heat utilization efficiency from the beginning. The lower layer equipments utilize residue heat in carbonizing gas to flash steam the materials. This is the second stage to raise the utilization efficiency of heat. The optimized and concentration multi-pipe design of hot exhaust gas (generated from gasifier or hot blast heater) recycling pipe, carbonizing and fission heat collecting pipe, flash steaming steam collecting pipe, combustion emission collecting pipe can raise the heat utilization efficiency in the third time. After three time of optimized usage of heat, the temperature of the emission gas is below 100 centigrade. Under the inspection of related institutes, the heat use ratio of our equipment is over 85%. Our equipment is called perfect flax stem carbonizing equipment by Erie flax factory in Xinjiang province.

The upper part of our machine adopts edge driving and centre screening double drive and stepless speed change structure. The structure can compulsorily change the materials into fine powder in the flash steaming and drying chamber, so the materials can fully contact the hot air, and the controllable rotating speed enable us to control the contacting time of materials and hot air. Then we can get material with the same humidity although their initial humidity is different. After drying, the material will automatically flow into the carbonizing machine in the lower part. The upper part of the machine is for drying material and the lower part is for carbonizing the material.
Usually, we use one equipment to supply hot air ( it can be hot blast stove, the fuel can be coal, branch, biomass pellet, coal gas or other combustible gas; it can also be biomass gasifier, burner and coal spray machine etc.), on one hand, we dry raw materials by using hot exhaust gas and hot air from carbonizing chamber; on the other hand, we use hot air carbonize raw material directly. For undeveloped area, we can use simple single-layer carbonizing machine to process materials with the humidity less than 10% so we can save some investment.

working principle and features of structure

Environmental protection
(1) the industrial enterprise factory boundary noise standards;
(2) the GB9878-96 of integrated wastewater discharge standard table;
(3) the atmospheric pollutant emission standard of boilers.
Workshop for environmental protection measures
Combustible garbage carbonization treatment technology for waste pyrolysis, gas volatilization for the main process, and on the environment was mostly smoke, dust and noise pollution. In the design process were taking different measures for different pollution sources and emission concentrations reached the national standard.
Focused mainly on the carbon emissions of pollution sources, according to GB13271-2001 of the atmospheric pollutant emission standard of boilers of two classes of air pollution sources, implementation schedule 1 “second-level” standard–Soot emission concentration 200mg/M3,, smoke black (ringelman black) level 1, emissions of sulphur dioxide concentrations 900mg/M3, nitrogen-oxygen compounds 400mg/M3.
Energy saving effect and evaluation of the project
Combustible garbage carbonization process energy consumption compared with the incinerator and burned trash, energy saving rate below 120% if compared with traditional landfill, saves 95% of disputes over land. Combustible garbage carbonization process is fully implemented, “reduction”, “harmless” and “resources”. Combination of these, combustible garbage carbonization treatment compares with any kind of approach are the most ideal, one of the greenest, most energy-efficient, most scientific approach, average energy efficiency of more than 110%.

New Energy Equipment–Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

What is tyre pyrolysis?
Pyrolysis is a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen (or any halogen)。It involves the simultaneous change of chemical composition and physical phase, and is irreversible. The word is coined from the Greek-derived elements pyro “fire” and lysis “separating”.

The pyrolysis method for recycling used tyre is a technique which heats whole or shredded tires in a reactor vessel containing an oxygen free atmosphere and a heat source. In the reactor the rubber is softened after which the rubber polymers continuously break down into smaller molecules. These smaller molecules eventually vaporize and exit from the reactor. These vapors can be burned directly to produce power or condensed into an oily type liquid, generally used as a fuel. Some molecules are too small to condense. They remain as a gas which can be burned as fuel. The minerals that were part of the tire, about 40% by weight, are removed as a solid. When performed well a tyre pyrolysis process is a very clean operation and has nearly no emissions or waste.

Pyrolysis of scrap or waste tyre can separate solids in the tire, such as steel and carbon black, from volatile liquid and gaseous compounds that can be used as fuel. Although the pyrolysis of waste tyre has been widely developed throughout the world, there are legislative, economic, and marketing obstacles to widespread adoption.


Waste Tyre Caused Serious Environmental Pollution

Only in the EU, USA and Japan around 6 million tones per year of scrap tyre are produced. The huge quantity of waste tires presently produced in the world will certainly increase in the future as the associated automotive industries grow. The disposal of scrap tires becomes a serious environmental problem. The accumulation of discarded waste tires leads to environmental pollution. A large fraction of the scrap tires is simply dumped in sites where they represent hazards such as diseases and accidental fires. Rubbers are not biologically degradable, and this fact creates problems with their disposal. The impact of waste rubber on the environment can be minimized by recycling with material or energy recovery. However, during processing and moulding rubber materials are crosslinked, and therefore they cannot be simply again softened and remoulded by heating. For many years landfill, was the main, practical means for dealing with the problem of waste tires. However, landfilling of tires is declining as a disposal option, since tires do not degrade easily in landfills, they are bulky, taking up valuable landfill space and preventing waste compaction. Open dumping may result in accidental fires with high pollution emissions. In the EU countries in 1990 the percentage of tires discarded in landfills was 62% of all produced waste tires in 2000 about 35% and in 2006 (as it results from the EU legislation) this percentage will decrease to 0%. Some countries including the Slovak Republic have already banned the use of discarded tires for landfilling.


Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Plant Promising Projects

Waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber in recent years special fire, known as the “black gold”. So the oil from waste plastics,waste rubber and waste tires oil refining refining business is booming. Many people want to refining investment for waste plastic oil refining, waste rubber and waste tires oil refining business, but do not know how to start, we only said equipment in this area. Since you are the first to do oil from waste plastics, waste rubber and waste oil refining business tire, there must be the corresponding oil refining equipment. The corresponding refining waste plastic waste plastic oil refining equipment,corresponding smelting waste tire waste tires oil refining equipment, the corresponding mixing waste rubber waste rubber refining equipment, waste oil refining waste oil refining equipment corresponding


Pyrolysis Plant Can Help You Get A Lot Of Wealth
Pyrolysis means 100% recycling of tires: All high valuable raw materials are extracted smoothly. Tire Pyrolysis harvests 4 “Green“ products: Carbon Blacks (CB), Steel, Oil, and high caloric combustible Gas, which can be used for generating electrical engergy, heat, steam, or hydrogen.
The international market price of quality virgin CB for rubber applications (made from oil) is approx 1.500 USD/t and a huge demand already exists (8 million ton p.a. worldwide)。 Rubber granules has limited demand and a market price of 100 to 200 USD/t and it is difficult to sell.
Tire Pyrolysis delivers clean steel after processing and sells for regular scrap price approx 300 US$/t, steel from rubber shredding/grinding has still too much rubber attached what the profit let decrease.
Tire Pyrolysis harvests Oil & Gas adding substantially higher revenue of approx 350 US$/t. Tire Pyrolysis processing plant need very minor maintenance in comparison with the heavy Shredding Machines who makes rubber granules. Costly knifes etc. to be renewed frequently.
The world Oil prices will increase but recycled CB will have stable prices so it’s price advantage is even higher in the future. Same economic point applies to the recycled steel, oil and gas.


Tyre Recycling Plant Working Process:

* Put the raw material into the furnace
* Seal the feed inlet then the bottom of the reactor will slowly heat the wastes by coal or electricity
* When the temperature reaches the degree of 250 to 280, we will get the crude oil
* The oil steam will be continuous produced until the temperature reaches 300-400°C
* Oil steam will flow through light and heavy components separating device
* Light component will enter the condenser and meanwhile the residues will be discharged automatically in succession
* Liquefied part will be condensed to rubber oil
* The part that cannot be liquefied will be input into heating supply system for burning by way of combustion gas purification system.


Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Final products and usage:

NO.End productsProductivity     Usage
1Crude  oil45%A. Sell directly.
B. Turn to diesel and gasoline by oil distillation machine.
C. Fuel materials.
2Carbon black30%A. Sell directly.
B. Reprocessing to fine carbon by carbon black refining machine.
3Steel wire(for waste tyre)15%A. Sell directly.
B. Deep processing to steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing.
4Flammable oil gas10%A. Fuel burn by use gas burn system(pyrolysis machine included)
B. Flammable gas can be storage as fuel material for heating.


Oil yield of different materials:

Leftovers of paperWet 15-20%, dry 60%
House garbage35-50%
Plastic cable80%
Plastic bag50%
Submarine cable75%
Rubber cable35%
Big tires45-50%
Small tires35-40%
PVCNot available
PETNot available

End Products Market Situation (The fuel oil produced can be calculated on 4000RMB/ton)

A. Daily return: 4000*4.0 tons=16000.00 RMB
• Daily Input (Waste Plastic in solid waste as raw material, and WJ-8 as equipment)
A. Material cost: 9000 RMB = 10 tons*900RMB/ton
B. Fuel cost: 800RMB=1.0ton. *800RMB/ton
C. Cost for water and electricity: 264RMB=12kw. * 22h*1RMB/kw.
D. Salary for workers: 240RMB=four people*60RMB/person
E. Depreciation cost of equipments: 500RMB/day
F. Tax (remark): free from tax for environmental protection project
G. Other expenses: 100RMB/day
Total: 10904.00 RMB

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers—-Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd.
Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of waste tyre, rubber, plastic pyrolysis, recycling plant, and oil refining technology and equipment since 1998. We are one of the leading manufacturers who devotes to the research of tyre pyrolysis equipment the black oil recycling machine adopt the advanced technology in the world.Holding high quality products and honest operation as tenets is our principle in international trade.All of pyrolysis plant have passed the EU mandatory safety certification – “CE” certification and enjoy a worldwide reputation, having been exported to America, Poland, Turkey, Canada, Peru, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.Our products have been exported to twenty countries. Our products convert waste to wealth and improve human living environment.


Oil From Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturing Flow in Beston factory


Main Technical Characteristics of recycling tyres to oil plant
1. The key unit adopts vacuum catalytic cracking technology and chemical extraction technology.
2. There is complete equipment equipped for environmental protection, e.g. waste gas burner and flue gas dust collecting room.
3. Adopt simple chemical method; eliminate the colour and peculiar smell of products.
4. The output capacity of pure raw oil is less than 80% .
5. The design of unit is reasonable, the manufacturing process is advanced, the operation is highly automatic and the safety facilities are complete.
6. Have multiple purposes.


Domestic Initiation Of Tire Recycling Machines

a. The complete set of unit produces no smoke and smell with favourable effects of environmental protection.
b. The pressure release device operates through water circulation, which greatly improves the security of the system.
c. The release of pressure during the production dramatically increases the output within certain time and meanwhile improves the quality of oil .
d. The heating system adopts hot air heating technology, which improves the safety performance of production and heating efficiency.
e. High efficiency fuel gas heating system. When the heated gas reaches 150 during refining, a large amount of gas will be generated: through methane to butane, which cannot be liquefied under normal temperature. A large quantity of energy will be generated after these gases fully burn within a specially designed gas burner. Then energy will be saved greatly.


Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Plant Secrity Features

100% Avoid burn technology.
Explosion-proof technology for 100%.
With auto welding machine for pyrolysis of tire plant, it can not only greatly improve working efficiency but also guarantee the welding quality.
Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safey explosion-proof valve.
It is dangerous to burn exhaust gas (C1 to C4) without any safety measures. but we special design which is hydroseal and gas gun .It is not only guarantee the safety but also can save the fuel.
The third generation of heating method which combines the advantages from direct and indirect heating . It is safe for the operation.

Environmental Features

More perfect environmental protection. Such as:
The exhaust gas burning room, desulfurization and double-dedusting system.
Use unique sealed screw conveyer slag-outlet system, and install a filter between conveyers, completely solve the phenomenon of fly ash, and cleansing the carbon black.
The hydroseal help cleasing the combustable gas and send them back for burning, to prevent pollution and saving energy.
The whole production process of pyrolysis of tire plant is operating in smokeless and odorless environment; it has excellent safety and environmental protection.

After sale Service

1. Design the installation drawings according to your site

2. For each set of waste tyre recycling machine, one technician will be sent to guide your installation, test the machine and train your workers. Besides, we will provide one month’s service for free. After one month, the salary for the technician will be USD65.00/day

3. 1 year warranty, engineers available to service at any time

4. Periodical call visit, to make sure there is no problems of the equipment

5. Design specific maintainence program according to different situation of your plant

Project Introduction IV- Waste oil distillation

i. Significance of this project.
With the development of the social modernization, energy had became an essential role in our life, but at the same time, The limited energy resources will be a negative factor for the rapid development of society. How to solve the problem, is a subject that many scholars are studying in the globe for many years.
As one of the leaders in the renewable energy industry, our company Beston (Henan) Merchainery Company Limited is a professional high-tech unit that research tyre, rubber, plastic, medical waste and oil refining technology and equipments with 15 years’ experience. We have a series of equipments that can realize the conversion from waste to energy, include waste pretreating device, pyrolysis device and oil deep processing device. This project will play a major role in environmental protection and social development, also can bring huge returns for the investors.
Crude oil refining is one of our advanced technologies, to raise the added value of fuel oil on the basis of decreasing the cost of raw material. The waste engine oil and raw oil extracted waste plastics and scrap rubber will become gasoline and diesel after refining, The rectified oil is usually faint yellow or faint red liquid with main technical indexes reach the standards for 0# or -10# diesel, and may replace them in application.

ii. Data sheet:

Raw materialRaw oil waste engine oil waste raw oil waste washing oil
Structure formhorizontal
Size of reactor(mm)1600*44002200*51003000*5000(3600*6000)*2(3600*6000)*2
24-hour capacity6T10T25T50T100T
Operating pressureConstant pressure
Heating materialCoal , charcoal, Fuel gas, Fuel oil
Overage out-put oil rate80%~90% (depend on the raw oil)
Material of reactorQ245R/Q345R boiler steel
Thickness of reactor16mm

iii. 3D drawing:


iv. Flowing chart:

v. End products


vi. Advantages of Waste oil distillation machine:
A. The complete set of unit produces no smoke and smell with favorable effects of environmental protection.
B. The pressure release device operates through water circulation, which greatly improves the security of the system.
C. The release of pressure during the production dramatically increases the output within certain time and meanwhile improves the quality of oil.
D. The heating system adopts hot air heating technology, which improves the safety performance of production and heating efficiency

vii. Economic benefit analysis (ZL-2 type equipment as example.)
A. 50 tons raw oil from waste tyre (oil yield 80%)50 tons*4000.00 RMB/ton=200000.00RMB
B. Using coal 1.5 tons*800.00 RMB/ton =1200.00RMB
C. Water and Electricity 40kw/h*0.71RMB/kw*15h=426.00RMB
D. Chemicals: 300.00RMB
E. Salary for two workers 60.00*2=120.00RMB
F. Depreciation cost of equipments 40RMB
G. Tax (remark) free from tax for environmental protection project
H. Other expenses 100RMB
I. Total: 201786.00 RMB
J. Calculation of the Daily Output(Take ZL- 2 type equipment for example)
40 tons*7500.00 RMB/ton=300000.00RMB
Daily profit: 98214.00 RMB=300000.00RMB-201786.00 RMB

Project Introduction III- Medical waste pyrolysis

i. Significance of this project.
With the development of the social modernization, energy had became an essential role in our life, but at the same time, The limited energy resources will be a negative factor for the rapid development of society. How to solve the problem, is a subject that many scholars are studying in the globe for many years.
As one of the leaders in the renewable energy industry, our company Beston (Henan) Merchainery Company Limited is a professional high-tech unit that research tyre, rubber, plastic, medical waste and oil refining technology and equipments with 15 years’ experience. We have a series of equipments that can realize the conversion from waste to energy, include waste pretreating device, pyrolysis device and oil deep processing device. This project will play a major role in environmental protection and social development, also can bring huge returns for the investors.
The most important is, medical waste as a kind of complexitymaterial is very difficult to handle, if just discarded, landfill or burning, it will be bring big dangerous and environmentally harmful. This medical waste pyrolysis project is one of our core technologies to solve this problem. It is developed by working with a green energy research company in the United States, have perfect pre-treating system which is imported from US. Then we can deal with the medical waste from hospital easily, also prevent secondary pollution and get profits.

ii. Data sheet:

Raw materialMedical waste
StyleHorizontal, rotatable
ModelBLJ-6                BLJ-8BLJ-16
Size of reactorD2.2*L 5.1m    D2.8*L6.2 mD2.8 *L7.1 m
Handling capacity/24 hours6T                       10T20T
Operating pressureNormal
FuelCoal, wood, fuel oil, natural gas etc.
Average yield of oil20%~30% (Depend on the material.)
Material quality of reactorQ245R/Q345R Boiler steel
Plate thickness of reactor16mm
Rotational speed of reactor.0.4-0.8 turn/minute
Cooling methodWater cooling
Power24kw  30kw 54kw
Service life5-8 years
Space for machine(L*W*H)BLJ-6(20*10*10 m)       BLJ-8(25*15*10 m)    BLJ-16(25*15*10 m)


iv. Flowing chart:

v. End products (fuel oil and carbon black).

vi. The usage of end product.

1Crude oil• can be sell directly.
• make diesel and gasoline by use oil distillation machine.
• can be as fuel.
2Carbon black• can be sell directly.
• make fine carbon by the carbon black grinding equipment.
• make carbon brick by briquetting equipment.
3Steel wire• can be sell directly.
• make steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing
4Combustible gas• can be as fuel heating the reactor
• extra gas also be storage as fuel for other heating.

vii. Economic Profit Analysis
• End Products Market Situation (The fuel oil produced can be calculated on 4000RMB/ton)
A. Daily return: 16000.00RMB=4000RMB/ton*(20T*20%) tons
B. Subsidy from government: 24000RMB=6000RMB/ton*4 tons (6000RMB/ton subsidy in our local) Total: 40000.00RMB
• Daily Input (BLL-16 as equipment)
A. Material cost: NONE (hospital provide for free)
B. Fuel cost: 960RMB=1.2ton. *800RMB/ton
C. Cost for water and electricity: 1188RMB=54kw. * 22h*1RMB/kw.
D. Salary for workers: 240RMB=four people*60RMB/person
E. Depreciation cost of equipments: 800RMB/day
F. Tax (remark): free from tax for environmental protection project
G. Other expenses: 100RMB/day
Total: 3288.00 RMB

• Daily profit:40000.00RMB/day-3288.00RMB/day=36712.00RMB/day
• Monthly profit: 5096.00RMB/day*25 days=917800.00RMB
• Yearly profit (ten months):9178000.00 RMB

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