BST-10 Rice Husk & Wood Carbonization Equipment to Mexico

Charcoal making machine to Mexico
Charcoal making machine to Mexico

Good News! Beston BST-10 Rice Husk Wood Carbonization Equipment is going to be shipped to Mexico. All Parts of the Charcoal Making Machine have been well packed and the machine has been tested several times during the past two weeks. Because the machine is too big, we separately loaded its furnace and spare parts by three trucks. Here are some pictures of the delivery site.


Working Process Of Continuous Rice Husk & Wood Carbonization Furnace

  • Step 1: Dehydrate rice husk and wood. The temperature in the drying stage (inner barrel) is around 150°C, and the external and internal moisture of the raw materials evaporates depending on the heat supplied from the outside. At this time, the shape of the raw materials does not change.
  • Step 2: Demethylation. When the reaction temperature reaches 250℃, it can start, and the temperature rises to 280℃ to start the exothermic reaction; in the endothermic pyrolysis stage at 150-300℃, the raw materials begin to decompose and release gaseous products (such as CQ, C02, H2 S, etc.), The chemical composition of the raw materials begins to change. Different materials start pyrolysis at different temperatures, and the materials with low deterioration degrees start pyrolysis at a lower temperature.
  • Step 3: Perform pyrolysis, dehydrogenation, condensation, hydrogenation, and other reactions on the aromatic ring compound generated in the previous process (about 450°C)
    The temperature in the carbonization stage is 300-600 ℃, and mainly polycondensation and thermal decomposition reactions. A large amount of volatile matter is precipitated from the raw materials. Almost all products such as tar, methanol, and ethylene precipitated during the carbonization process are produced in this stage.

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