BTF4-4 Cup Tray Making Machine to Columbia

Good news! A set of Beston BTF4-4 Cup Tray Making Machine has been shipped to Colombia in September 20201. The BTF4-4 cup tray making machine can produce 2500 paper trays per hour. It is one of the medium-capacity machines. In our company, the BTF4-4 machine is the best-selling model. It has been exported to many countries, such as Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Moreover, all customers are satisfied with its high performance. More importantly, it is a multifunctional machine. Whether you want to make coffee cup trays, egg trays, or egg boxes, you can choose the BTF4-4 paper tray machine.


Pictures of the Cup Tray Making Machine Before Delivery

Before delivery, We will check and test the machine many times, then show the customer operation video, and seal all product parts and accessories. Therefore, the customer can receive a new high-quality machine. The following is the delivery picture of the machine taken by our staff.

Video of the Cup Tray Making Machine Before Delivery

Three Drying Systems of Beston Egg Tray Production Line

The coffee cup tray-making machine is tailor-made for Colombian customers. Its output is approximately 2500 cup trays per hour. Because the temperature in Colombia is relatively high and the customer site is relatively large, a low-cost natural drying method is adopted. Beston provides customers with three drying methods: natural drying, brick drying, and fully automatic metal drying. If you do not know which drying method is suitable for you, please contact us for a customized scheme.

Drying naturally:

◊ Lowest drying cost and fast payback;
◊ Operation scale: capacity less than 2000 pieces/hour
◊ Demand for land area: large
◊ Workforce required: more
◊ Influencing factors: wind and temperature
◊ Drying time: 6-7 hours (30℃); 4-5 hours (38-40℃)

Brick drying:

 Method:use cart (semi-automatic) or conveyor (fully automatic)
Operation scale: capacity of 2500 pieces/hour or more
Demand for land area: large
Heating fuel: coal, natural gas, diesel, LPG, etc.
Drying time: about 20 minutes
Drying effect: better than natural drying

Fully automatic metal drying:

 Operation scale: suitable for all models
 Demand for land area: small
◊ Demand for capital construction: no need
Drying effect: better than brick drying and easy operate
 Heating fuel: LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc.
 Drying time: about 25 minutes
Installation: easy

Final Products of Cup Tray Making Machine

The Cup tray machine can produce cup trays holding 1 cups, 2 cups, or 4 cups. It can fully satisfy the customer’s needs. This machine has a large market in shops, fast food restaurants, beverage shops and supermarkets. This customer will definitely get huge benefits.


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