BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Sudan

Very happy to share the latest case with you! Beston Group sent a set of BLJ-16 tire pyrolysis plant to Sudan. Sudan is our important cooperative market. Up to now, many sets of our pyrolysis equipment have been successfully operated in Sudan and have received high praise from customers. Pyrolysis equipment is one of our main products, which can turn tires, plastics, sludge and other substances into pyrolysis oil, which can help solve pollution waste and gain revenue.

BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant to Sudan
BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Sudan

Details Of BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant In Sudan

The customer’s raw materials are mainly from local waste tires, hoping to obtain fuel oil. The client has used fuel oil himself and feels that the quality is good, and there is a shortage in the local market. He is very optimistic about this project. So he seized the opportunity to buy a pyrolysis plant. In addition, the customer has plans to expand the project and is very much looking forward to the second cooperation with Beston.Below, we will share with you the details of tire pyrolysis in Sudan:

Model BLJ-16
End product Fuel oil
Ship date 2022. 7. 4
Raw material Waste Tire
Installation method Online guided installation

BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Sudan Delivery Record

BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant to Sudan Main furnace and enclosure
Main furnace and enclosure
BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Sudan Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor
BLJ-16 Tire Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Sudan Refractory

Why Choose Beston

1.Customized Project Solutions:
Beston provides project solutions, which can be customized according to the actual situation. The raw material of this Sudanese customer is tires, so we have equipped him with pretreatment and screw feeding. After confirming the model of BLJ-16, we provide him with the layout design of the machine according to his workshop.

2.Online and Offline Installation Available:
At present, Beston provides customers with two installation methods: online installation and offline installation. Our after-sales team can provide 24-hour online installation service, and we can also arrange engineers to the customer site for installation guidance if the customer requires it. The customer chose the online installation method.

3.High Quality & Safer:
Quality is our top priority. Our machines have passed the national CE, SGS, IOS and other qualification certificates. All parts of the machine are equipped with an alarm system to prevent accidents.

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