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If you want to recycle used tires, welcome to choose Beston Tire Pretreatment System. Its function is mainly to process waste tires, rubber, and other raw materials into tire blocks, tire strips, or tire powder through related crushing equipment. The tire pretreatment system generally includes cut circle machines, slicing machines, tire removers, and other equipment. We can match different types of equipment to meet the needs of customers, and tailor-made solutions for customers.

Types of Tire Shredders

If you want to recycle old tires, firstly you need to cut them into smaller pieces to make the following process easier.  Beston tire crusher is the important pre-processing equipment in the scrap tyre recycling process. It can crush whole tires into rubber pieces of up to 50mm or 30-200 mesh rubber powder. Here are the types and pictures of the tire shredders. You can click here to contact us for more details.

Cut circle machine


Capacity:40 tires
Weight: 500Kg
Functions: Seperate the tread from the lip

Tire Collector


Capacity:200 tires
Weight: 400Kg
Functions: Collect multiple tires into one

Tire Slicing Machine


Capacity:2.5 tonne
Weight: 850Kg
Functions: It can cut the tire into strips

Tire Blocker


Capacity:0.8 tonne
Weight: 500Kg
Functions: Cut the tire strips into pieces

Tire Cutter


Capacity:10-60 tires tonne
Weight: 1200Kg
Functions: Cut the tire into large pieces

Tire Remover


Capacity:50-60 tires
Weight: 1500Kg
Functions: Seperate the wire from the tire

Tire Shredder

Tire shredder

Capacity:2.5 tonne / 4 tonne
Weight: 7500 / 16000kg
Functions: Treat the tires into 5-6cm blocks

Tire Grinder

Capacity:0.3/0.5/1/2/3.5 t
Weight 1.25w~3.3w kg
Function: Tire blocks into 5-26 purpose powder


Customized Tire Treatment Scheme Show

This scheme is an automatic scheme to process the whole tire into tire powder. And it is a customized plan for our Egypt customers. He hopes to dispose of used tires into rubber powder. After carefully reading our plan, he is very satisfied and successfully placed an order. If you also have a need in this regard, please contact us for a free customized solution.

Main supporting equipment Selected
Model Production/h Weight Power Tire required
Tire cutter 10-60tires 1200kg 4+0.75kw 650-1200mm
Wire remover 50-60tires 1500kg 18.5kw 650-1200mm
Tire shredder 2.5/4t 7500/16000kg Determined by model
Tire grinder


0.3/0.5/1/2/3.5t 1.25w~

3.3w kg

Determined by model
Main Parameters Selected
Voltage 220V/380V (customization)
Tire cutter Size 2900*1040*1800mm
Wire remover 1500*1550*1150mm
Tire shredder Model 800 model/1200 mode
Tire grinder Model 350/400/450/560/660 model

Note: This automatic solution is suitable for projects with a high degree of automation and a large amount of processing. And the project is more complicated, tire shredder and tire grinder have different models and processing capacities. And we have 8 models of shredders and grinders. It is good for you to contact us to get a customized scheme.

Display of One of the Tire Shredder Successful Cases

Beston not only produces high-quality tire shredders for China but is also able to supply to the whole world. Over the past decades, Beston’s tyre shredders have been sold to 100+ countries around the world, including Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, Iraq, Turkey. Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Colombia, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, USA, etc. We are widely praised by customers and honored at home and abroad, looking forward to having you as one of them.

Beston Tire Shredder Was Shipped To Brazil


After an in-depth inspection of Baxter crushers and a video tour of our plant, this Brazilian customer decided to purchase a pyrolysis plant as well as a crusher. The crusher has now been loaded onto a truck and is waiting to be shipped to Brazil!


Operation Processes of the Tyre Shredders

Overview of Tyre Shredder for Sale

Before shredding, all tyres will be sent to the wire puller, which will pull out all the wire from the tyres. Then by using a powerful cutting torque, the scrap tyres or tyre fragments are continuously cut, squeezed and rolled at room temperature. And the tyres will be cut into pieces and begin to be screened. The eligible pieces are transferred out and the larger pieces are returned to the cutting chamber for a new round of cutting together with the rest of the material. In the end, you will have tyre chips measuring 50 x 50 mm.
Note: As our tyre shredder is a pre-treatment plant for scrap tyre pyrolysis plants and tyre rubber powder lines, we usually use a belt conveyor to transfer the qualified tyre chips to the next step in the process.


Operation Video of Beston Tire Shredder



Application of Tyre Shredder

Sports surfacing: running tracks, school playing fields, swimming pools and garden paths, footpaths, bowling alleys, kindergarten playing and recreation grounds, tennis and basketball courts, etc.

Automotive industry: belts, floor mats for trains, brake disc belts, flooring for cars and trucks, brake linings, sealing belts, buffers, shock absorbers, etc.

Construction/equipment: adhesives, sealants, medical equipment, insulating rubber materials, carpet padding, used brake surfaces, moulded products, etc.

Civil engineering/asphalt: drainage pipes, filters, soil conditioning, road coverings, racecourses, railway crossings, etc.

Oil/gas industry: for pyrolysis into fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas via the associated Beston pyrolysis plant.

Production of recycled rubber: for the production of various rubber products.


Guaranteed After-sales Services for you


Post-order Services

Once payment has been made, Beston will provide you with full tracking service for the tyre shredder, as well as installation, commissioning and staff training once the product is on the ground


Technical Consulting Services

If you encounter any problems with your tyre shredder during operation, you can call or email us immediately. Beston offers 24/7 online technical support for all customers.

One-year Shelf Life

Provide 1-year after-sales service free of charge. During this period, Beston will provide you with free maintenance services and free replacement of unqualified parts

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