Beston BGB-2 Industrial Packaging Machine Shipped To Thailand

  • Location: Thailand
  • Model/Capacity: 14400 Station
  • Final trays height(max): 75mm
  • Raw material: waste paper
  • End products: coffee cup tray and bent paper tray
  • Product usage: tray for packaging
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Beston industrial packaging machine can turn waste paper and biomass fiber pulp into various industrial packaging including inner and protective packaging, such as fruit trays, egg cartons, electrical appliance liners, paper flower pots, seedling trays, protective spacer, disposable medical instrument, paper mask, paper decorative material.

End Products of Industrial Packaging Machine

Beston industrial packaging machines can produce a wide range of paper industrial packaging and tray that can be used in many industries, such as the fruit industry, electronics, cosmetics, medical and agriculture, etc.

Paper Tray: fruit tray, egg tray, coffee cup tray, flower pot, etc
Inner Packaging: electronics, cosmetics, wine sets, chemicals, etc.
Protective Packaging: household equipment, furniture, protection film, etc.




What raw material can Industrial Packaging Machine Process?

Beston industrial packaging machinery takes two kinds of materials as raw materials: waste paper and biomass fiber. The whole process is very environmentally friendly. More details are as follows:
Waste paper: waste paper board, paper box, document paper, raw pulp board, etc.
Biomass fiber pulp: bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, etc.


Beston Industrial Packaging Machine Price

Beston Group currently has two types of industrial packaging machines: single-station and double-station semi-automatic packaging equipment. The industrial packaging machine price ranges from $13200.
Single-station machine: one packaging forming station, suitable for small output production.
Double-station machine: two packaging forming stations, suitable for high capacity requirements.

Industrial-Packaging-Equipment Industrial Packaging Machine With Single Station
Industrial-Packaging-Tray-MachineIndustrial Packaging Machine With Double Station

Name Model Mould Template Size Capacity24h Equipment size weight Final Trays height(Max) Power Labor needed
Semi-automatic wet pressing equipment BGB-2 600*800 14400Mould Templatestation 2800*2200*3800 1.8T 75mm 500w 1
Semi-automatic wet pressing equipment BGB-1 600*800 7200Mould Templatestation 1300*2200*3800 1T 75mm 500w 1

High ROI of Industrial Packaging Machine

With the implementation of the global environmental protection policy, more industries have begun to use paper molding products. Therefore, paper industrial packaging has fantastic development prospects.

Return on Investment of BGB-2 Industrial packaging equipment
Project name BGB-2 Industrial packaging equipment with natural drying
Introduction According to the market data of UK, the estimated ROI report, the various expenses are as follows:
Item Details Unit Unit price/USD Quantity Amount/USD Total amount Remark
Fixed Investment Cost Equipment BGB-2 Set 42020.00 1.00 42020.00
Transportation From China to Southampton Set 6000.00 1.00 6000.00
From Southampton Port to Site Set 1600.00 1.00 1600.00
Customs tax 15% Set 6303.00 1.00 6303.00
Installation Beston technician’s salary Day 350.00 15.00 5250.00
Round -trip airtickets Ea 1600.00 2.00 3200.00
Visa Ea 300.00 1.00 300.00
Local welder Day 93.00 10.00 930.00 1 welder
Local plumber Day 93.00 10.00 930.00 1 plumber
Local labor Day 93.00 30.00 2790.00 2 labors
Crane forklift Day 50.00 15.00 750.00
Materials Installation materials ready Set 10000.00 1.00 10000.00 Bricks, Foundation, pipe, etc.
License Ea 2000.00 1.00 2000.00 Environmental, firefighting, etc.
Workshop 200 2100.00 12.00 25200.00 Rent in rural area
Operating Cost Raw materials Waste paper Ton 164.00 0.80 131.20 10 hours per day working
Water / 2.30 2.00 4.60
Electricity / KWH 23.00 770.00 17710.00 77kw/hx10
Fuel Natural gas / / /
Labor / People 93.00 2.00 186.00
Maintenance / Day 5.00 1.00 5.00
Depreciation 8 years Day 44.70 1.00 44.70
Tax 5% 0.00
End Products Price Egg box 3000 pieces per hour Pieces 0.64 30000.00 19200.00
Subsidy Ton 0.00 0.00 0.00
Daily Income US$1,118.50
Monthly Income Working day Day 25 US$27,962.57
Yearly Income Working day Day 300 US$335,550.88

Note:This economic analysis table is an ROI analysis based on UK market. Of course, the cost and profit analysis are according to the UK market for reference. Different clients need to analyze cost and profit according to your local market. If you want to know more detail, please contact us and we will make a plan according to your requirements.

Production Process of Industrial Packaging Machine

The whole production process consists of four process: pulp making process, molding process, drying process and packaging process.

Pulp Making Process
The waste paper or biomass pulp will be put into hydraulic pulper, mixed with water and turn into coarse pulp, which turn to fine slurry under the power of homogenization tank and pond beater. Then, the fine pulp will flow into slurry pulp tank.
Molding Process
The slurry tank supplies pulp to forming machine, which turns the pulp into different paper products with various molds. However, the moisture content of paper products is relatively high at this time.
Drying Process
Drying system, hot press setting machine, will evaporate excess water from products. Finally, the paper products are formed into finished products.
Trimming and Packaging Process
Finished products turn into more beautiful packaging through the edge-trimming machine. Finally, the baler can pack the end products quickly, which is convenient for customers to collect and delivery.

Advantages of Beston Industrial Packaging Equipment


The raw materials are waste paper and biomass fiber pulp, which are very common. In addition, the cost is very low and there is a high demand for packaging in various industries. Therefore, industrial packaging machines can bring high benefits.

Turn waste into treasure

In simple words, the industrial packaging machine turns some waste into valuable paper products. Importantly, these products are recyclable, which complies with global environmental regulations and policies and protects the environment. At the same time, customers can get a lot of treasure.

High product qualification rate

Beston will strictly control the quality at every step of the production of the machine, and each step must meet the quality standards. Otherwise, it cannot be put into storage. Besides, we will check the equipment products to make sure they are qualified. Therefore, our product qualification rate is very high.

Perfect Service Mechanism

Beston provides you with a perfect service mechanism, including pre-sales, during-production, after-sales, and value-added service. At each stage of your cooperation with us, different professionals and teams will be available to provide you with satisfactory services.

Certificates Of Industrial Packaging Machine

Since its establishment, Beston Group has been committed to research and development, and complys with environmental regulations. We use advanced science and technology to create environmentally friendly equipment. What’s more, quality is the first standard of Beston Group. At every step of the production of the equipment, Beston keeps a strict control of quality.

Certificates of EMS

Guaranteed After-sales Services for you


Post-order Services

Once payment has been made, Beston will provide you with full tracking service for the egg tray machine, as well as installation, commissioning and staff training once the product is on the ground.


Technical Consulting Services

If you encounter any problems with your egg tray machine during operation, you can call or email us immediately. Beston offers 24/7 online technical support for all customers.

One Year Guarantee

Provide 1-year after-sales service free of charge. During this period, Beston will provide you with free maintenance services.

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