Urban Garbage Separation Equipment

Raw material: urban garbage
Life time: more than 7 years
Feeding form Loader: indirect feeding
Stytle Environmental: friendly
Certification: CE/ISO/SGS
Delivery: 60 days after first payment
Packing: 7×40 open top container + 2LCL
Power: 149kw-279KW
Capacity: 100-400T/D

Urban garbage separation equipment is mainly used to separate urban and industrial waste.The main raw materials are urban waste, household garbage, solid waste, plastic garbage and others, the final products are inorganic, sands, organic, irrecoverable fuel, film plastic, ferromagnetic materials and others.

The sorting rate of the above garbage can reach more than 85%, which will lay a solid foundation for next treatment of “Resource and Industrialize”. The key technology for urban waste sorting system is to organically integrate different breaking and dissociation equipment to various waste so as to achieve the maximum energy-saving effect and high separation rate. Equipped with programmable controller in the whole process of operation, the urban garbage separating equipment has the ability to collect signal from every sensor and convey them into output control contactor and intermediate relay to control three-phase power equipment. With smoothly conveying system, the raw materials will be marched evenly without jam; What’s more, main equipment for urban garbage separating equipment is patented devices, which is invented by years of field experience. So the failure rate is low, use of effective, and particularly suitable for disposing of urban garbage separating.

Main Devices of Urban Garbage Separation Equipment;

Waste Plastic Sorting Machine: from whole bottles to shredded plastics, efficient and automatic It is designed for processing different granulormetries, sorting whole plastic containers or sorting pieces of roughly ground plastic.

Waste Paper Sorting Plant: it is a harmless, non-residual and industrialization for the waste paper and is also automatic.adopting the unique technology – optical technology, The waste papers may include color printed, non-printed cardboard, newspaper, catalogues and magazines.

Waste Glass Sorting Machine: waste glass waste sorting plant is an automatic sorter to separate waste glass, Put the raw materials (it may refers to Glass ceramic, Leaded glass, Plastics, ceramics, stones, porcelain, Metal, Organic impurities, Cork, Paper) into the machine, and after a period of time, it will discharge the final products: White glass, Green glass, Brown glass, glass of Other colors and combinations colors.

E-waste sorting plant: E-Waste consists of computers, televisions, monitors, laptops, cell phones, DVD players, etc., which has a variety of valuable metals and minerals to be recovered. What’s more, most of electronic waste contains the hazardous materials and must be properly disposed. Otherwise, it may bring much more unexpected harm to our environment life. Now, there is no need to worry about it, because we have the highly efficient sorting machine with unique technology, reasonable structure and lower prices, which is quite popular around the world.

If you have any problem about Urban Garbage Separation Equipment, welcome to Contact Us . We will give you more details!

Technical data of the Urban Garbage Separation Equipment:

Raw materialsMunicipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity5 T/H10T/H20T/H
Working time20 hours20 hours20 hours

Applications of Final Products:

NO.End productsProductivity     Usage
1plastic film12%1.turn to plastic particals to reuse2.pyrolysis to oil
2paper5%1.make pulp to prodce new paper
3metal5%1.smelt new metal
4glass3%1.recovery for reusing
5bettary,textle,bulk garbage etc5%1.recovery
6biomass:straw,shell,faeces,food residue etc70%1.biomass carbonizatin for charcoal

Main Features of  Urban Garbage Separation Equipment

1.High efficiency : The original waste were processed into harmless resource and made to be end products on the same day.
2.Innocuity: Fully-enclosed work, no odor leading, no plastics burning, less exhaust gas.
3.No remaining: Recycle the waste, treat completely.
4.Adaptable: MSW, construction waste, medical waste, dead livestock, food industry waste, agricultural waste.
5.Small floor space: one-fourth of composting, one-sixth of landfill. which is completely treated without residual.
6.High degree of resources and industrialization: As thoroughly sorting, all materials can be recycled, while reduce the amount of waste incineration and the amount of waste gas.

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