Solid Waste Segregation Machine 

Beston Automatic Solid Waste Segregation Machine is waste collected by local authority. It comprises mostly household waste and it may include some commercial and industrial wastes. Beston automatic waste sorter mainly consists of uniform plate feeder, large garbage automated sorting system, large garbage crusher, comprehensive winnowing machine, rotating screening machine, magnetic separator, gravity separator and so on.

Solid Waste Segregation and Pretreatment

Mixed waste weight measurement after enter sorting system, after breaking the bag from the feeder evenly into the drum sieve screening, particle size suitable bit small particles of trash screening anaerobic fermentation step down backward people, more than 80mm more garbage sorting expected to continue recovering after crushing processing, and then crushed into the garbage room anaerobic fermentation.
Waste material recovered by the provisions of the election artificial hand. Mechanical sorting is mainly composed of magnetic and mechanical disruption of two parts, through this process, the compound of garbage sorting ferrous metal is recovered, the oversize material is crushing, the particle size decreases, so will help improve the city Solid Waste utilization program – Yu-Star technology
Subsequent hydraulic separation separation process of separating effect. Sieve material through the first magnetic separation, separating ferrous metals, and then scroll through the sub-washing equipment deepwater. Sink into the lower part of the device according to the proportion of different substances, sediment, batteries, stones and other heavy material, while the lighter material such as paper, plastic, etc. are floating on top. Was sinking and floating matter were sent to the recovery system for recycling disposal. The intermediate is then fed into the sedimentation tank, after precipitation material into the anaerobic fermentation process.


All of Beston Automatic Waste Segregation Equipment Parts:


Technical Data of the Solid Waste Segregation Machine

Power 224.7kW263kW279kW294kW

What You Can Do With the Sorted Waste

1. Plastic:The plastic pyrolysis plant can process the waste plastic into fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. Then if you want to reprocess the plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black, we can also supply you the plastic to diesel plant and carbon black processing plant. The plastic to diesel plant can refine the waste oil to diesel, and the carbon black processing plant can help you get higher quality carbon black. Or you can use the plastic granules machine to convert the plastic waste into plastic granules, which can be used to make new plastic products.

2. Separated muck, brick, stone: They can be used to make the bricks, which are useful construction material.

3. Organic: It can be used as the fertilizer.

4. Metal : It can be reused to make other iron materials.

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