UAE Customers Visited for Beston BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant

On December 14, 2018, UAE customers, who want to handle tire-waster, visited the factory for the BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant. During the visit, the customers learned about the operation of the pyrolysis plant.
Because of much attention of customers to the smoke emission and the smell, our project engineer showed the customer detailed workflow of dust-removal, and explained from the professional point of view that Beston Pyrolysis Plant can achieve emission standards, without black smoke and odor during operating the equipment. The customers, therefore, are very optimistic about Beston Pyrolysis Plant, and told the sales staff on site the information about their plant, labor and expected investment, so that the sales can customize a reasonable plan for them.

Advantages of Beston New-type Tire-waster Pyrolysis Plant:

♦Firstly, in order to effectively ensure no gas overflowing during the production process and improve the pyrolysis efficiency, our Pyrolysis Plant adopts the micro-negative pressure process which has the advantage of fundamentally eliminating the hidden danger caused by the gas overflow.
♦Secondly, in the operation of the new-type tire-water pyrolysis plant, after pyrolysis, most of rubber becomes liquid oil and a small part becomes flammable gas which can be recycled as the fuel of the pyrolysis furnace. Thereby, ensuring the heat energy supply of the pyrolysis furnace, reducing the exhaust gas emission and improving the economic and environmental benefits.
♦Thirdly, the design of new-type tire-waster pyrolysis plant conforms to international standards with compact structure, scientific and efficient production line, safe and stable operation, strong processing capacity, proper and reasonable matching between various systems. It has positive meaning for improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption and protecting ecological environment.
♦Fourth, this technology does not need the process of cutting the tire (crushed tire), feeding the whole tire, so the investment of the tire cutting (crushed tire) machine and the labor and energy consumption in the process of cutting the tire (crushed tire).



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