Cost-effective Tyre Crusher for Sale

Tire Shredding Machine

Tyre Crushing Machine

Other Name: tire crushing machine, tire shredder
Tyre Shredding Machine is mainly used for cutting the tire without steel wire into 50*50mm rubber blocks, which is conductive to further crushing of rubber block and separating of fine steel and fiber.

Because waste tyres are very cheap, many people now make huge profits through old tyres, such as pyrolysis of tyres to obtain fuel oil, chopping and grinding tyres into rubber powder, making tyres into various rubber products, and so on. This series of business activities can make people get huge profits from cheap waste tyres. However, due to the large size of tyres, it is generally necessary to first crush and then process.
As a manufacturer of China’s advanced intelligent solid waste crushing equipment, Beston Group is committed to developing and manufacturing various tyre crushers, and customizing reasonable tyre crushing equipment for customers’needs.

Tyre Crusher is used to crush the whole tyre (the size of the tyre is smaller than 1200 mm) into rubber pieces of 50mm*50mm at normal temperature. The tire shredding machine for sale mainly includes these devices: tire hoist, power system, shredding steels, screening unit, etc.

Basic Parameters of  Tyre Crusher

Tire Shredding Machine
Model 900 1200
Capacity 1-3 t/h 2.5-5 t/h
Feed size ≦900mm ≦1200mm
Output size 50*50mm 50*50mm
Motor power (20*2+1.5+0.5)kw (45*2+3)kw
Splindle rate 16turn/min 12turn/min
Dimensions 2000*2500*2800mm 4000*3400*3700mm
Weight 6.8ton 18ton

Beston Pyrolysis Plant

Features of Tyre Crusher

* Compact structure, advanced technology.
* Low power consumption, high efficiency.
* Folio structure of crushing chamber, easy maintenance.
* Hard alloy-steel blade, high rigidity and wear resistance.
* Blade can be used repeatedly after repairing, prolong the service life.
* The oversize tyre should be cut before crushing.
* Steel wire grid structure of circle mesh screen makes the qualified rubber discharge evenly.

Applications of Tyre Crusher

Mainly used in runways, road cushions, bolsters, lawns, paving elastic layers, sports venues, etc.

Mainly used in the production of recycled rubber, modified rubber powder, paving, production of rubber sheets, etc.

The crushed tyres can be used as raw materials to obtain fuel oil and carbon black through Beston’s pyrolysis equipment.
The fuel oil obtained by cracking the broken tire is more valuable than the complete tire.

About Beston

Beston Machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of waste to energy plant. We supply Equipment to industries who want turn waste to energy or extract valuable recyclables that can be sustainably reprocessed such as pyrolysis tyre to oil plant, charcoal making machine, MSW sorting plant, plastic/tyre crusher, waste generation project. Beston products have been exported to more than 120+ countries. Our products convert waste to wealth and improve human living environment.

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