Sorting system before waste disposal

Waste sorting has always been the choke point of the garbage treatment technology. Whether it is incineration, landfill treatment process, or comprehensive treatment process, many cases have failed because of the incomplete garbage sorting. Thus making the next process can not go on and the whole production line can not run normally.

Waste sorting system is the core of the waste disposal technology. Cooperating with the garbage uniform feeding system, large garbage automatic sorting system, large garbage crushing system, bagged garbage automatic breaking system, bulk organics crushing system, closed mechanical air sorter, plastic water separating system and other systems, the waste sorting system is able to sort the urban living garbage into six categories: 1.inorganic substance 2.sand 3.organics 4.unrecycled combustibles(by simple manual sorting, the hard plastics and rubber can be separated) 5.plastic 6.ferromagnetic material.

The sorting purity of the waste referred above can reach more than 85% and the sorting purity of the plastics can reach more than 95%, which lays a solid foundation for the following waste treatment process.

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