Project Report-Household Garbage Sorting

The garbage is resource but put in the wrong place, and it is a big problem troubled countries all over the world. Nowadays, the peak of China’s urbanization makes processing of municipal solid waste more seriously. City is ours. In other words, the city’s health relies on ours maintaining.

Household garbage does harm to environment

Firstly, occupied surface of ground. It occupies precious land resource and human beings living space. And make bad effect on the development of industry and agriculture. A large number of garbage destroy vegetation on the surface of the Earth. This not only influences the beauty of natural environment but also destroys the ecological balance of nature;

Secondly, polluted the environment. Solid waste contains all sorts of poisonous substances. If not be handled properly, it can direct pollute soil, air and water resources. Ultimately, it causes seriously damage to various creatures, including humans;

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Thirdly, spreading diseases. Garbage contains a lot of microorganisms. It is the habitat of bacteria, viruses, insects, etc and brings seriously endangers to human health;

Fourthly, leachate of garbage can change soil composition and structure. Hazardous waste harms human health through food chain. Waste destroys soil structure and physico-chemical properties, and decreases the soil fertility and water retention ability.Waste contains heavy and poisonous metals such as pathogenic microorganisms and organic pollutants. Under the rain, these poisons will be brought into water body. Polluted water will be harmful to the survival of aquatic organisms and the opening of water resources;

Fifthly, fine particles with the wind make the air pollution more severely. A large amount of air storage sites give off poisonous gases, rat-infested, mosquito breeding. Let’s just say the more than 100 kinds of volatile organic gases lead to cancer;

Sixthly, smoke-dust pollution. Because of the importance and high content of the carbon atoms, in the process of combustion, polymers become small carbon black. After combustion, garbage will produce smoke-dust which is made of carbon black. With the upward motion of air during the combustion process, smoke-dust spread into the air and eventually fall to the ground;

In major cities and county-level cities, with the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s standard of living, solid waste has been keeping sustainable growth, and the composition of solid waste has taken place great changes. Bio-organic municipal waste is more than 40%. Recycling of resource materials has reached about 40%, just like paper, plastic, glass, metal, and so on. Landfill is harmful to urbanite water and air, even lead to secondary pollution. In order to keep adaptation of municipal solid waste incinerator, bio-treatment, and sanitary landfill, therefore, our company develops a set of solid waste sorting equipment, which improves the treatment of garbage disposal. It is helpful to waste classification treatment. Some made into nutritional soil as fertilizers for plants and trees. Sorted out plastic can be reused to make plastic granules. Paper can be reused to make pulp and make paper; Glass and iron can be reused, too. This technology not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also be recycled. So that garbage is really a treasure. It is national welfare.

project analysis
Based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, after doing a lot of investigation and research work, Beston (Henan) machinery Co., Ltd. makes up program about technology of waste sorting equipment and also develop better suited the situation of china. After garbage compression and transfer, we can take bulky waste crushing, classification of garbage sorting and recycling packaging and other supportive measures. Bulky waste can be through bulky waste crushers, sorting, sorted, and further resource pack, such as furniture and electric appliance.

Waste sorting equipment is the mechanical integration of high technology product with first-class design, manufacturing processes, perfect configuration and reliable performance. In addition, the using of the first domestic garbage sorting lines and garbage compactors and docking technology, makes RTS (refuse transfer station) realize waste collection, sorting, compression, and integrated operations of the mode of transport. So the equipment improves waste recovery and utilization of resources and increases the economic, environmental and social benefits of RTS to meet the social needs of waste resource recovery and recycling economy and sustainable scientific development.

Waste treatment is necessary for our generation. With the social development society, differences between urban and rural are getting smaller. The amount of household waste is growing. So the garbage disposal becomes a major issue we have to face in the future. The experts at home and abroad put forward many ideas, like landfill,trash-burning power. If we look at the problem from different perspectives, these measures has many disadvantages.

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Landfill: through longer oxidation, the garbage will decompose toxic substances and carcinogens. These will not only make badly significant performance on earth and atmosphere but also have side effects on our future generations.

Trash-burning power: Although it belongs to recycling, its emission brings sever pollution to atmosphere. Moreover, slag maybe lead to secondary pollution or more.’

Technical Parameters

1. Technical specification and main principles

Material: urban garbage.

Capacity: 400t/d, single running line for 12 hours per day.

Feeding style: batch loading by shovel loader.

Power consumption: 277.9KW.

Raw materialUrban garbage
Power 224.7KW263KW279KW294KW

Applications of Final Products:

NO.End productsProductivity Usage
1plastic film12%1.Turn to plastic particles to reuse
2. Pyrolysis to oil
2paper5%Make pulp to produce new paper
3metal5%Smelt new metal
4glass3%Recovery for reusing
5battery,textile,bulk garbage etc5%Recovery
6biomass:straw,shell,faeces,food residue etc70%Biomass carbonization for charcoal

2. Basic requirements:

Firstly, reasonable structure and configuration, with high level automatic operation, to reduce labor intensity;

Secondly, smoothly conveying system, feeding evenly without jam; Reasonable connecting style for every transition point, without material release or accumulation;

Thirdly, shot blasting for every part, meeting sa2.5 level in GB8923; and painted with high-performance anticorrosive paint in request period, to ensure 7 years serving life in harsh operation environment;

Fourthly, nonloaded part cleaner, beginning part cleaner, rotary screener cleaner and ending part tensioning device are equipped for all belt conveyers;

Fifthly, high level wearability, anticorrosive are request on every belt conveyer. To ensure safety operation, manual cord switch and crash-stop devises are equipped on every conveyer; Auto deviation rectifying and tensioning, conveyers owning more than 2 years serving life. (Supplied by Huaxia Qingdao);

Sixthly, every parts of the system is equipped with manual auto switcher and crash-stop device, locates in easy operation position, to avoid error starting or electrocution;

Seventhly, automatic control during operation, using programmable controller (PLC supplied from DELTA Taiwan). Collecting signal from every sensor and convey them into output control contactor and intermediate relay to control three-phase power equipment. Input and output changes on operation/stop/breakdown will be presented directly;

Eightly, costumer’s operation, maintenance and repair are considered adequately during machinery design and manufacture.

Description on Operation Flow Chart

This process system feeding way is by forklift will rubbish into the rubbish bin, by receiving hopper bottom plate conveyor jiang is expected to take away, balanced by ejecting device sending material layer dial evenly after the first belt conveyor, through the manual sorting platform, picked out by artificial to big ones, at the same time through strong magnetic magnetic separation, black metal picked out, again by broken drum screen, classification of garbage into the garbage and < 90 mm and 90 mm or more (plug hole size according to the reality of garbage) on the screen, undersize material as raw materials for the system of fat (or landfill) output. ≥90mm sieve material through the sieve material transport conveyor into other devices (or packed storage).

project analysis 03

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