ABS/PP/PET/PVC Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic shredder machine (also known as plastic crusher machine) is a multifunctional plastic recycling equipment.
Application areas:
The plastic shredder machine is widely appliced for all kinds of plastic crushing and recycling industries.
Applicable materials:
The applicable materials include plastic profiles, tubes, rods, wires, films, home appliances, household waste, etc.

Plastic shredder machine is also called plastic shredder or plastic crusher, it is a solid waste reduction machine environmental shredder equipment,and applied to shred plastic products and materials, which is beneficial to plastic recycling and recycled plastic pellets. For example: PET bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic barrels, plastic sheets, etc.

How The Plastic Shredder Works

Firstly,the material enters the inside of the shredder box (the box body is equipped with the shredder blade)through the feeding system. Secondly, the pushing box will push the material to the vicinity of the blade. Thirdly the material is shredded to smaller material by tearing, squeezing, shearing, etc. Finally,small pieces of material are discharged from the screen holes.

When the equipment works, the material will be correspondingly sheared and squeezed to achieve the automatic feeding function, and in the production process, the phenomenon of winding the shaft or the device jamming will never occur, thereby improving the production efficiency, and the device is suitable for the smashing of various tough, highly viscous materials.

Beston Plastic Shredder Blade

The materia of Beston plastic shredder blade is made of high quality tool steel such as 9crsi, Cr12MoV, SKD-11 and Hegaojin die steel.As we know,the high-quality blades will make the crushing cycle shorter and will increase the equipment life.

Beston Plastic Shredde Features

1. It can be used in wide range of applications, such as plastic products, cartons, household garbage, and wood.
2. The main knife is made of special alloy steel with high strength and good wear resistance.
3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, energy saving and durable, practical and economical.
4. There are a number of safety protection devices to ensure safe operation.
5, uniform discharge, large output, low noise.

Why is the Beston plastic shredder a multi-purpose shredder?

Beston plastic shredders handle different materials, not only can shred plastic, but also can be used to shred metal, wood, cardboard, household garbage and so on. According to the needs of users, we can customize the structural design of various materials.
What is the raw material you need to deal with? Contact us, Beston Group will customize the personalized solution for you.

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