Plastic/Paper/Cardboar/Aluminum Can Baler

1、Other Names: Hydraulic Baler、Plastic Baler、PET Bottle Baling Machine、Cardboard Baler, Hydraulic Baling Press Machine, etc.
2、Products: Horizontal Hydraulic Balers、Vertical Hydraulic Baling Press
3、Application: Waste Plastics, PET Bottles, Used Cardboard Boxes, Plastic Films and Mixed Plastics, etc.

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Beston Intelligent baler machine uses the hydraulic principle, which can compressed the waste paper, cardboard, carton, waste plastic, cans, aluminum, coconut, old clothes, straw, tyre and other loose material into a block, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the volume of transport, saving freight labor costs and increasing the efficiency of the enterprise. It adopts hydraulic transmission and has the features of reasonable design, smooth running, simple operation. Feed box volume, Bale size, Maximum Working pressure and Capacity of the motor all can be customized at your request. This machine also adopts durable and sophisticated design, which makes it more suitable for site work.

Beston Hydraulic Baling Machine

Vertical Baling Press
Vertical baling press are typically down stroke and loaded from the front. All these baling machines are electrically controlled and easy operation by operating on a button or switch, most importantly, the machine can fulfill the entire baling cycle automatically.

Horizontal Baling Machine
Horizontal baling machine are larger machines that usually are loaded from the top by conveyor belt, forklift, or cyclone systems(allowing for larger quantities). This machine are usually fully automatic(or at least partially automatic), which compress the plastic from sides. These machines can reach an output ranging from 1tons to 30tons per hour, what’s more, the horizontal baling press can help you more efficiently deal with your plastic and paper waste, both in terms of manpower, and in terms of packing, moving, transportation, and other logistics. so it is the ideal choices for large quantities or recyclables

Features of Beston Hydraulic Baling Press Machines

  • High bale density
  • Largest feed hopper
  • Feed hopper door with inspection windows, dust seals, and interlock
  • Heavy duty spring loaded retainer dogs for automatic operation of main ram, a Level sensor at the hopper
  • Warning indication for start-up and full bale

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