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Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

It is well known that oily sludge is poorly dewatered, difficult to treat, and contains harmful substances such as PAHs and heavy metals, which are radioactive pollutants to the environment. But Beston oil sludge pyrolysis plant can solve its pollution to the environment while turning hazardous oily sludge into useful substances such as pyrolysis oil, oily carbon residue, and sygas.

What Kind of Oily Sludge Will You Process?

It is available for Beston oil sludge pyrolysis plants to treat all forms of oily sludge, (crude oil or finished oil mixed with slurry or other media), solving all your problems as far as possible.

Which Model do You Prefer?

When choosing oil sludge pyrolysis equipment you need to consider many factors, such as its model, processing capacity, working method, footprint, etc. Below we list Beston’s hot-selling oil sludge pyrolysis machines, you can choose your preferred one. Then please leave a message with your detailed needs below, and we will contact you in time to provide you with the most suitable customized oil sludge treatment solution for you.

BLJ-3 Skid-Mounted Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Capacity: 1.5~3 tone/day
Working Method: batch
Feature: no installation required

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BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plant_1

BLJ-6 Batch Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Capacity: 6 tone/day
Working Method: batch
Feature: traditional solution

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BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant_1

BLJ-10 Batch Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Capacity: 8~10 tone/day
Working Method: batch
Feature: lower energy consumption

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BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant_1

BLJ-16 Semi-Continuous Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Capacity: 12~16 tone/day
Working Method: batch
Feature: best-selling model

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BLL-30 Pyrolysis Plant_1

BLL-30 Fully Continous Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Capacity: 20~30 tone/day
Working Method: fully continuous
Feature: fully continuous working

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Detailed Parameters of Beston Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Model BLJ-3 BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLL-16 BLL-30
Capacity 1-3t/d 4-6t/d 8-10t/d 12-16t/d 30-35t/d
Working Process Batch Batch Batch Semi-continuous Fully continuous
Reactor Size φ1400*4900mm φ2200*6000mm φ2600*6600mm φ2800*7100mm φ1800*18500mm
Reactor Material Q245R Q245R Q245R Q245R 310S stainless steel
Drive System 350 reducer+4kw drive motor 400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor 400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor 500 reducer+7.5kw drive motor ZQH650-50 reducer+15kw frequency conversion motor
Land (L*W*H) 18m*4.2m*6m 30m*12m*8m 30m*13m*8m 33m*13m*8m 70m*20m*10m
Power 16.65kw 37.85kw 44.3kw 55.6kw 256kw
Burner 2*200,000 kcal 2*300,000 kcal 2*300,000 kcal 2*400,000 kcal 2.5 million kcal per set
Total Weight of Shipped Materials About 18t About 24.5t About 28t About 34.5t About 150t
Number of Containers 1*40HQ 1*40FR+1*40HQ+1*20 GP 1*40FR+2*40HQ 1*40FR+2*40HQ 25m*8m bulk cargo+8*40HQ
Noise (dB) ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60
Heating Materials Fuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
Condensing System Vertical Condenser φ426*3000
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
2 sets of vertical condenser
3-in-1 Condenser 3000*2200*2250
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area

Processable Raw Materials & Oil Yield of Beston Pyrolysis Plant

  • Waste tyres: oil yield of 30%-50%, including machinery tyres, bicycle tyres, motorbike tyres and other tyres;
  • Waste rubber: oil yield of 20%-40%, including waste cable sheaths, rubber shoe soles, rubber gloves, etc.;
  • Oil sludge: oil yield of 20%-50%, including oil based drilling mud, enginee sludge, oilfield sludge etc.;
  • Waste plastics: oil yield of (20%-80%), including waste acrylic (PMMA), PE, PP, etc.
Waste Tyres
waste rubber
Waste Rubber
oil sludge
Oil Sludge
Waste Plastics

Detailed oil yield of specific raw materials

Raw materials Specific materials Oil yield
Waste tire Truck tires 45%-50%
Car tires 40-45%
Bicycle/motorcycle tires 30%-35%
Waste rubber Rubble cable 25%-35%
Sole of shoes 25%-35%
Mixed sole 20%-30%
Sneakers 20%-30%
Waste chemical fiber carpe 30%
PMMA 40%
Miscellaneous rubble 35%
Oil sludge 20%-50%
Waste Plastic PP/PE 20%-80%

Note: The oil yield of different raw materials is different, Beston Group will equip you with the right equipment according to your needs and provide supporting solutions.

What End Products You Will Get?

pyrolysis oil
Pyrolysis Oil
1. Be used as fuel
2. Directly used as non-standard diesel
3. Used in cement factory, steel factory, power factory, chemical factory, boiled factory, etc.
1. Be sold directly;
2. Be used for building materials.
Combustible Gas
Combustible Gas
Used for pyrolysis process heating.

Why You Should Choose Beston Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant?

Beston pyrolysis units are not only of objective quality but also exported all over the world, such as in the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Nigeria, etc. Here we will introduce the production process, unique advantages, and some national cases of Beston pyrolysis equipment

Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Process Introduction

Beston oil sludge pyrolysis plant is safe and environmentally friendly. The pyrolysis furnace is heated outside and operated by the oxygen-depleted thermal pyrolysis process. The furnace is sealed to ensure that no gas escapes during the production process, improving the efficiency of the thermal pyrolysis process, while fundamentally eliminating unsafe hazards and secondary pollution caused by gas escaping during the production process.

Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant Advantages

Beston oil sludge pyrolysis plant has been specially designed to be easy to install, dismantle and transport.
Good yield. Good quality and market for pyrolysis oil due to advanced production processes.

Safe, economical and environmentally friendly design. The use of special insulation materials, fast heating system, rotating reactor and exhaust gas recovery system makes it safe, continuous and efficient heating, saving fuel and running costs, easy to operate, and recycling of exhaust gas.
Quiet production environment. Low power and low noise during production runs, creating a good workshop environment for you.

Global Cases of Beston Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Beston BLJ-3 Skid-Mounted Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant Was Shipped to Oman

oil-sludge-pyrolysis-plant 拷贝

In 2021, the Beston BLJ-3 oil sludge pyrolysis plant was shipped to Oman.  This Model of oil sludge pyrolysis plant is mobile, and 90% of the parts that need to be installed have been completed in the Beston factory.
Beston BLJ-16 Semi-continuous Oil Mud Pyrolysis Plant Was Installed in Nei Mongol


On 18 May 2021, the Beston BLJ-16 oil mud pyrolysis plant was shipped to Nei Mongol.  The raw material of choice for this customer is oil sludge with an oil yield of approximately 20-55%. The customer visited Beston’s factory headquarters and was very satisfied with the quality of our products.
Beston BLL-16 Semi-Continuous Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant Was Shipped to Nigeria

Beston BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plant has been shipped to Nigeria in March 2022. The machine type requested by this customer is the BLL-16, with a daily capacity of approximately 20 tonnes per day. This customer, who has never bought our products before, said he would like to experience them first. If the quality of our products is up to scratch, he will continue to work with us in the future.

Why You Should Choose Beston Group?

Your Personal Professional Sales Consultant
  • Beston sales manager contacts customers in a timely manner, patiently listen to every customer’s needs, and ensures that problems are solved;
  • We will propose a professional business plan according to the customer’s national and regional policies, venues and other factors;
  • Genuinely looking out for our customers and not giving them inappropriate advice just to sell one more machine.
sales manager

Reliable Product
    • ISO and CE certification
    • Strict quality inspection system. Oil Sludge pyrolysis equipment meets inspection standards before leaving the factory
    • Customized design with a wide product line. Oil sludge capacity, dust removal, and exhaust emissions can all be custom designed
    • Layout/production drawings provided; and the ability to make changes based on customer needs
    • Direct oil sludge pyrolysis equipment manufacturers, no middlemen, affordable prices
    • Free cost and profit estimating services are available


Trustworthy Company
  • Strong company strength: more than 9 years of manufacturing experience; more than 300 employees and more than 50 engineers; 16,000 m² of factory space and 2,400 m² of office space
  • Unique company advantages: support for three-party inspection; support for online/on-site installation services; provision of after-sales documentation such as installation videos/installation manuals/operation manuals/maintenance manuals.
  • Beston leadership values each client and is actively involved in each order.
  • More than 60 after-sales engineers are available to provide installation, commissioning and operator training services to each and every customer.

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