High Efficiency Hydraulic Scrap Metal Baler


Product name: metal baler, hydraulic metal baler, metal scrap baling machine, metal scrap baling press;
Certification: ISO, CE;
Main Cyl.Force: 63Ton-600Ton
Application: steel mills, recycling plants, ferrous & non-ferrous smelting industry
Type of Baler out: “turn-out” , “push-out” , “foward-out” & manual discharging;
The size of the compression chamber, the form and size of the bale can be designed and customized according to the customers’ requirements.

BESTON hydraulic metal baler is capable of extruding various metal leftover materials, steel paring, waste copper, aluminum, stainless steel and scrapped car into regular charging as square, column,cylinder etc. different shapes, which can reduce the costs of transportation and refining . what’smore, It also make the transportation easier and faster.

The Working Process of Hydraulic Metal Baler

1.After the pump is started, feed a moderate amount of scrap metal into the press box.
2.The high pressure oil enters the back cavity of the top cylinder. The piston rod reaches out, pressing the articulated door cover into the press box and closing it to form the compression chamber. Thus the first compress finishes. The height of the compression chamber is the height of the metal bale.
3.The high pressure oil enters the back cavity of the side cylinder and the piston rod reaches out, driving the side pusher forward to press the metal in the box till reaching the front dead center. The second compress then finishes.
4.The high pressure oil enters the back cavity of the main cylinder and the piston rod reaches out, driving the main pusher forward to press the metal in the box. When reaching the preset value of pressure, hold for 3-5 seconds and finish the final compress.

Features of Beston Scrap Metal Baling Machine

1.All machines are hydraulic-driven with alternatives of manual or automatic control .
2.Bale-discharging alternative : turn-out , push-out , forward or manual discharging .
3.No fang bolts needed for installation ; diesel engine can be used as power when electric power is unavailable .
4.There are more than 20 grades of baling force from 63 to 600 tons.
The size of baler can be custom made as per customers .

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