Medical Waste Incinerator

Solution For Medical Waste In Hospitals/Clinics/Research Facilities

Hazardous Medical Waste Disposal Solution

Are you seeking a way to handle hazardous medical waste? Beston Group can provide customized project solution and customized medical waste incinerator for you. Incineration is an effective and safety solution for hazardous medical waste disposal. Beston Group can supply medical waste incinerator to turn the hazadous medical waste into harmless waste. It is helpful to the environment and public health. Click here to contact us for more details.

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Types of Hazardous Medical Waste for Incineration

The raw materials for the incineration of medical waste are all kinds of medical waste generated by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical institutions. Here are several common types of medical waste:

Damaging (medical) Waste
Pharmaceutical (medical) Waste
Infectious (medical) Waste
Chemical (medical) Waste
Pathological (medical) Waste

Beston Helps You Realize Following Benefits

Medical Waste Reduction

This incineration process can significantly reduce medical waste by up to 90 percent, which saves storage and disposal space required.

Power Generation

The heat generated during the incineration process can be recycled for power generation or self-use of the system, which saves energy costs.

Sterilization of pathogens

The incineration of medical waste can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, reducing the risk of infection and contamination.

Safe disposal

Medical incinerator can turn medical waste into harmless waste gas/residue. It effectively minimizes the impact of medical waste disposal on the environment and public health.

Process Flow

Pretreatment and Feeding System
Rotary Kiln+Second Combustion Chamber Combustion System
Waste Heat Recovery System
Tail Gas Purification Treatment System
Flue Gas Discharge System
Incineration system:

including hopper, rotary kiln, secondary combustion chamber, and auxiliary equipment such as combustion support and fan.

Waste heat recovery system:

including waste heat boiler and boiler auxiliary system equipment.

Exhaust gas purification system:

including quenching tower, dust collector, scrubber, flue gas heater, activated carbon supply system, ash removal system, etc.

Smoke exhaust system:

including induced draft fan, chimney, etc.



Honor and Patent Certificates

Technical Advantages

The incinerated materials in the rotary kiln are tumbling and advancing with slow rotation. Three types of heat transfer are coexisting in one furnace that results in high thermal efficiency.
Enhanced heat exchange and anti-caking devices are added to the rotary kiln to improve incineration efficiency and expand the adaptability of the incinerator to waste materials.
The medical waste incinerator adopts fully automatic feeding system, automatic cleaning of the turnover barrel, mature rotary kiln incineration system, ultra-low emission exhaust gas purification technology, and many other advanced technologies.
Medical incinerator can simultaneously incinerate solid and liquid waste. The requirement for the shape and moisture content of the incineration material is not high.
Beston adopts fireclay as the refractory material to minimise heat loss while protecting the equipment enclosure from overheating.
The traditional two-combustion chamber has been upgraded to a two-combustion furnace, which improves burning rate of ash, improves the incineration efficiency of rotary kiln, and has the functions of slag crushing, sealing and wind locking.

Operating and Maintenance Advantages


The drive system is set in the kiln shell position. So, it is simple to maintain and easy to monitor the equipment.


Good sealing measures and furnace negative pressure fully ensure that harmful gases do not leak out.


The whole main body of the equipment is constructed with steel frame structure. And the human ladder and passageway are set up to facilitate the manual inspection, maintenance and on-site operation of the equipment.


PLC centralized control design realizes the upper computer control, flexibly setting/monitoring operating parameters, automatic operation management. And, it ensures the system with safe/efficient/stable operation.

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The medical waste incinerator of Beston Group can dispose of hospital and clinical waste in an efficient, safe, and hazard-free environment. Medical waste incinerators are typically used to burn infectious, pathological, and pharmaceutical waste, as well as any other materials contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids. The incineration process destroys any microorganisms present in the waste. Want to minimize medical waste environmental impact and protect public health? If yes, welcome to contact us to get a hazarous medical waste disposal solution now!