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Beston Egg Tray Production Line

Beston egg tray machine can recycle waste paper into egg tray, egg box, fruit tray, apple tray, shoe tray, cup tray, bottle tray, and industrial packing tray, etc. We can produce 30+ cavity egg trays & other molded pulp trays by fitting equivalent mold tools. Capacity per line: 1000-6000pcs/hr, can be to meet the different requirements of customers.

BESTON BTF-1-3-egg-tray-machine

BTF-1-3 Egg Tray Machine

Capacity: 1000pcs/hr

BESTON BTF-1-4-egg-tray-machine

BTF-1-4 Egg Tray Machine

Capacity: 1500pcs/hr

BESTON BTF-3-4-egg-tray-machine

BTF-3-4 Egg Tray Machine

Capacity: 2000pcs/hr

BESTON BTF-4-4-egg-tray-machine

BTF-4-4 Egg Tray Machine

Capacity: 2500pcs/hr

BESTON BTF-4-8-egg-tray-machine

BTF-4-8 Egg Tray Machine

Capacity: 3000-4000pcs/hr

BESTON BTF-5-12-egg-tray-machine

BTF-5-12 Egg Tray Machine

Capacity: 5000-6000pcs/hr

Beston Egg tray making production line
divided into four sets of mechanical processing:


1: Pulp making system:

The waste papers will be put into the hydraulic pulper. Under the power of water, the waste paper will be made into rough pulp.
After adjusting the concentration, the pulp will flow into pool of finished pulp to supply plup to forming machine.

2: Drying system:

1. Drying by natural in the sun: suitable for small machine 1000pcs/h;
2. Semi-automatic bricks building dryer: suitable for machines 1000-1500pcs/h.
3. Automatic conveyor dryer: for 2000pcs/h above.
4. Fully automatic metal dryer: for the countries that bricks are expensive or workshop space limited.

3: Molding system:

The finished pulp will be transported into forming machine by pulp pump from finished pulp pool. The pulp will be adsorbed up on molds to form egg tray.

4: Packing system:

After drying, the egg trays will be stacked by packing machine. The purpose of stacking is for saving space to reduce transportation cost.


Installation and Training:

We will send technicians to direct the installation and operation of the equipment, and train operators for the customer. Ensure that our customers enjoy worry-free after-sales!

Exported to 90+ countries:

We have been exported and installed in Philippines, Botswana, Iraq, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Colombia, Bolivia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc. Beston always highly praised by clients and distributors.

transaction cases

Beston egg tray machines transaction casesBeston egg tray machines transaction casesBeston egg tray machines transaction cases

Egg tray making machine transaction cases
No.CountryModelEnd productProduction/hrQuantityTime
1EgyptBTF-4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set2015
2BrazilBTF3-4Apple tray2000pcs1 set2015
3SyriaBTF-4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set2015
4AlgeriaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2015
5BrazilBTF-3-4Apple tray2000pcs1 set2015
6AlgeriaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2015
7EgyptBTF-4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set2015
8Cote d’IvoireBTF-4-8Egg tray4000-5000pcs1 set2016
9ZambiaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2016
10The United StatesBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2016
11Republic of SeychellesBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2016
12TanzaniaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2016
13EgyptBTF-3-4Egg tray2000pcs1 set2016
14AlgeriaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2016
15AlgeriaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2016
16IndiaBTF-1-3Shoe stretcher1000pcs1 set2017
17ZambiaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2017
18IndiaBTF-1-4Egg tray1500pcs1 set2017
19NigeriaBTF-4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set2017
20HungaryBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2017
21The PhilippinesBTF-1-4Egg tray1500pcs1 set2017
22IndiaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2017
23NigeriaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2017
24AlgeriaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2018
25MaliBTF-1-4Egg tray1500pcs1 set2018
26DominicaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2018
27DominicaBTF-5-8Egg tray4500-5500pcs1 set2018
28IndiaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2018
29IndiaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2018
30The PhilippinesBTF-1-4Egg tray1500pcs1 set2018
31IndiaBTF-5-8Egg tray4500-5500pcs1 set2018
32IndonesiaBTF-5-8Egg tray4500-5500pcs1 set2018
33EcuadorBTF-3-4Egg tray2000pcs1 set2018
34Saudi ArabiaBTF-5-8Egg tray4500-5500pcs1 set2018
35ArgentinaBTF-6-8Egg tray5500-6000pcs1 set2019
36PakistanBTF-4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set2019
37RomaniaBTF-5-8Egg tray5000-5500pcs1 set2019
38SudanBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019
39IndonesiaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019
40DominicaBTF-4-8 moldEgg tray/1 set2019
41The PhilippinesBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019
42KenyaBTF-1-4 moldEgg tray/1 set2019
43Berlinhot press machineEgg tray/1 set2019
44NigeriaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2019
45KenyaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019
46NigeriaBTF-3-4Egg tray2000pcs1 set2019
47The Philippineshot press machine+moldEgg tray/1 set2019
48IndiaBTF-1-2Egg box2000 egg boxs1 set2019
49The PhilippinesBTF-1-4 dryerEgg tray/1 set2019
50RomaniaBTF-5-8 moldEgg box&coffee tray/1 set2019
51IndonesiaBTF-1-4Egg tray1500pcs1 set2019
52KyrgyzstanBTF-5-8Egg tray4500-5500pcs1 set2019
53RussiaBTF-4-4Apple tray1200-1500 pieces1 set2019
54IndiaBTF-4-4Egg tray2500pcs2 sets2019
55TanzaniaBTF3-4Egg tray2000pcs1 set2019
56ZambiaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019
57UkraineBTF-1-3 moldCoffee Tray1500pcs1 set2019
58IndonesiaBTF4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2019
59IndiaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019
60IndiaBTF-1-4Egg tray1500pcs1 set2019
61EgyptBTF4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2019
62BotswanaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019
63United Arab EmiratesBTF-3-4Egg tray2000pcs1 set2019
64IndonesiaBTF4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2019
65JamaicaBTF4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set2019
66Sri LankaBTF-4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set2019
67BoliviaBTF-1-4Egg tray1500pcs1 set2019
68NigeriaBTF-4-8 metal dryerEgg tray3000-4000pcs1 set2019
69GhanaBTF-1-3Egg tray1000pcs1 set2019

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