BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine to France

Beston BST-05 spruce charcoal making machine shipped to France in June 2022. The machine will be used to recycle spruce wood into charcoal for recycling. If you have the following wastes, we recommend that you use carbonization equipment to recycle them: Coffee husks, Olive shells, Palm shells, bamboo, rice husks, sawdust, wood, plant stalks…If you are interested, please contact us for a price.

BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine to France

Details Of BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine to France

The customer’s purpose is to expand production. This customer is a person in the industry and owns carbonization equipment of several hundred kilograms. The raw material of this machine is spruce wood, and the supply of raw materials is stable from customers. The end product, char, is used for soil remediation, which is also his industry. Customers trust Beston very much and are very sure of the level of Beston’s business personnel. Customers want to expand production and improve quality and may continue to cooperate with Beston in the later stage.

Model BST-05
End Product Biochar
Output 0.3-0.5 tons
Ship Date 2022. 06
Raw Material Spruce Wood
Product Use For Soil Remediation

BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine to France Delivery Record

BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to France

Beston BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine to France

BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine Sent to France

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Why did this Customer Choose Beston?

1. Manufacturing Experience Points rich:
Beston has extensive manufacturing experience and every machine we sell is in good working order.

2. Various Models To Choose From:
Different models (capacity) and different drying systems, are suitable for a variety of customer needs.

3. Leading In Export:
Beston Group Co., Ltd. is the Top 3 large-scale enterprises in China’s charcoal making machine export, Its products are exported to many countries and regions.

4. Custom Service:
Excellent bilingual engineer technical support, and provides integrated customization services (site layout customization, machine configuration customization, etc.).

5. High-Cost Performance:
The pyrolysis plant with beautiful appearance, high quality, and effective cost. Meanwhile, the life cycle of the machine is up to 8-10 years.

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