Beston Team Will Visit India

Beston has always regarded the Indian market as an important market and has visited India many times a year. First we will look at some of the conditions in which the device is operating locally and ask if the customer needs some technical support. Secondly, we usually stay in India for a while to answer questions for our customers. Finally, we will investigate the local market and demand in India and upgrade the equipment as much as possible.

This time Beston visits India from October 14th to 31st. If you have any questions about the equipment, please feel free to contact us.

India Trip:
Delhi (14th–18th Oct.)
Mumbai (19th – 22nd Oct.)
Hyderabad (23rd–25th Oct.)
Banglore (26th–29th Oct.)
Delhi (30th–31st Oct.)
Contact Person: Kevin,
Mobile phone/wechat/whastsapp: +86 13838218964

Beston has been focusing on research and development of pyrolysis equipment, carbonization equipment, garbage sorting equipment and egg tray machines for nearly 20 years. As a manufacturer and supplier of environmental protection equipment, Beston Group has been well received by customers. Beston has a professional R&D and manufacturing team and sets up 8 after-sales service stations around the world. You can contact us if you want to learn more details about the waste pyrolysis machine, waste sorting machine, biomass charcoal making machine and egg tray machine.

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